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  1. Hi, this is kinda just a post looking for anyone who wants to be a muckle partner . Not to make it sound negative, but i am not looking for someone who plays totally for fun. I am looking for the best, and am planning to stay undefeated
  2. TheEliteReet


    Would anyone happen to have an extra siren? :/ I missed the whole week. Ill trade gems or yarn. Thanks
  3. Coop and the feature for arena werent working for me..
  4. I dont get it.. how do I set spawns for arena matches? ;/ Am i missing something
  5. How often is the Feature/Community feature updated for arena?
  6. TheEliteReet

    Gift Shop Idea

    I think that it should be altered so that the host + someone else going into a door overpowers others. This is subtle, and I hope people understand the point
  7. TheEliteReet

    Game 4?

    Dan said hes busy working on game 4, which means its a long time.
  8. TheEliteReet

    Ball Game

    Challenge is kinda lame. You run the same maps all the time. It's basically your best times compared to others
  9. TheEliteReet

    Gift Shop - Free Star Heads

    In my opinion, this defeats the point of furbottoms features, mr star
  10. TheEliteReet

    I Buy Yarn...

    There aren't X'd out slots. Just saying.
  11. TheEliteReet

    Play With The Devs! Thursday, May 30Th, 3:00-5:00Pm Pst

    Power was out 3 minutes before this until midnight (6-12)
  12. TheEliteReet

    Gift Shop - Free Star Heads

    Mr Star, would you be willing gems;)? Gt is bahash
  13. TheEliteReet

    Play With The Devs! Thursday, May 30Th, 3:00-5:00Pm Pst

    Can I reserve a match with Lindsay ;D
  14. TheEliteReet

    Lightning Ball Glitch

    Okay so. My friend was running right, going into a teleporter that could be directly walked into by walking right. I threw a lightning ball at him, and right before he got into the teleporter, it hit him and he flew through the teleporter block to the other side.