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  1. Hi, this is kinda just a post looking for anyone who wants to be a muckle partner . Not to make it sound negative, but i am not looking for someone who plays totally for fun. I am looking for the best, and am planning to stay undefeated
  2. Would anyone happen to have an extra siren? :/ I missed the whole week. Ill trade gems or yarn. Thanks
  3. I dont get it.. how do I set spawns for arena matches? ;/ Am i missing something
  4. How often is the Feature/Community feature updated for arena?
  5. I think that it should be altered so that the host + someone else going into a door overpowers others. This is subtle, and I hope people understand the point
  6. Dan said hes busy working on game 4, which means its a long time.
  7. Challenge is kinda lame. You run the same maps all the time. It's basically your best times compared to others
  8. In my opinion, this defeats the point of furbottoms features, mr star
  9. There aren't X'd out slots. Just saying.
  10. Mr Star, would you be willing gems;)? Gt is bahash
  11. Okay so. My friend was running right, going into a teleporter that could be directly walked into by walking right. I threw a lightning ball at him, and right before he got into the teleporter, it hit him and he flew through the teleporter block to the other side.
  12. Cpt, is this 1 v 1? Also, would you like to team up with me? I dont remember the last loss I've had xD
  13. Tip: If you press B to pass the ball to your teamate, and they score fast enough, you get 10 points. Also, suiciding with the fireball is a good way to clear the basket
  14. I'd be in. I'll need a partner though, an amazing one. I am also... amazing ;D
  15. Oh, I did get him back from completing levels.
  16. I did recomplete them. But I did exit to the main menu, AND use the toast as my head. Also, I didnt get it for coop alsoxD
  17. It erased all my features levels.
  18. The star heads will return eventually.
  19. Okay thanks. And ill repost the situation. On my xbox, i did solo features, and got the toast. I put it on, and got off. I then went to my friends house and we played on his xbox, and the toast was gone. We then played coop and he unlocked it, and mine was still gone. Thanks for the workaround though ill try it ASAP
  20. Lol id take yarn in exchange for 1 gem
  21. Ducks dont eat people and poop them out. Logic cant be applied to behemoth games also.. sharks are cool