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  1. this thread should be a sticky so people would stop making new ones
  2. my GT is Kerrwashere dont try to friend request its full and stays full(i have no clue why) send me a message and ill view your profile
  3. my idea consitsts of the normal knights and dark versions of them as bosses
  4. i have great ideas but i dont want to post them to this thread cause it would take too much space and too many pages so the link is:
  5. ok my idea for the first stage in the world below the tree is the village over run by rock stars who hit you with chords from their guitars and throw stars(acual stars) you can pick up a guitar and the final boss is a parody of guitar hero and rock band called legend of the band of the rock knight, . who is a knight with a giutar and a bike chain on his pants. (more later i has homeworks to do)
  6. oh i forgot weapons: frying pan, stop sign with freezing power, cotton candy, an xbox(not 360, they had to do something with the rest of them ), a vacum, a mop and characters: cupid(heart arrows), pico from newgrounds(where the *bleep* is the second one, fat knights(eat three sandwhichs in a row),chef, more people from newgrounds(if you acually saw the video about the clown befor castle crahers you would laugh), stick person and yes we are going to like each other edit: i acually ment dark versions of all the knights but a black knight would be sweet
  7. i know there are other fourms like this but they all say the same thing. i acually have a whole new story
  8. ok first it should begin right after the finale. there should be a big explosion at the door where the party is and out should step four shadows. one in every color of the knights but darker. then the screen should go black and all the people are gone. leaving the knights to follow a trail of bread crumbs to a tree out side where they drop through a hole into a new world... this is the start to my idea but other ideas include new weapons- pencils, spoon, lamp, tree, round table, im even throwing in the kitchen sink more lvls new attacks like the ablitiy to throw an elemental boomerang or arrow some kind of warning when your health is low the dark knights