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  1. Ok so after bbt was announced it took like...too long for it to be released. But so we get the cat out of the bag, any announcements or rumors what we can see from the behemoth 5+ years from now?
  2. Thx for the reply:) And to repsond to all the other people on here. Yes I have played coop, in fact i've yet to even touch single player. And I'm not saying that this game is bad by any means. Perhaps me and my brother have played so much of this game that we need a break from it to make the freshness come back. But the MAIN reason I expected bosses was because THIS IS a behemoth game, and I was expecting it to be kinda similar to alien hominid and castle crashers in terms of platforming and bosses.
  3. I assumed at the end of each respective act that there would be a boss. I mean the big scary cat door really perceives there to be one. Dont get me wrong the game is still good but after playing it over and over, puzzle after puzzle it gets REALLY repetitive. The replay value in this game is not very high imo. Anyone else have any insight or thoughts on this?
  4. bbt is on meh mind!