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  1. Alright cool dude. Thanks alot. Seems like it will save a decent amount of time. Thanks again. And glitch, you were on xbox forums right? I remember you name for some reason lol.
  2. Alright cool. Guess those dudes on GameFAQs were morons. Can you skip the first 3 bosses at the end? And just go through the last door? I've seen multiple people post about that.
  3. I love the song that the peasant band plays in the very first level. I can't seem to find a download anywhere tho
  4. I'm wanting to unlock the white bear, and I was wondering if there is a certain path of levels I could take and still unlock the character for beating the game? I saw a topic a while back on GameFAQs saying you don't have to beat all the levels in order to unlock. But that topic has since been deleted. If anyone has any ideas it would be very helpful. Thanks.
  5. Has anyone gotten a link / download to the song playing the in castle on the first level. The peasant band or whatever.
  6. Tricky the clown is a god. So glad he made an appearance.
  7. Yeah I would think and hope that is the problem. The game is amazing, don't get me wrong. It's just damn near impossible to get a game with other people. When I finally did, it ended after one level.
  8. Yeah def. I just don't wanna play through the single player without friends because it kind of ruins the fun. Hope they get the patch out hella soon. Although they probably won't
  9. Yeah wow. This is lame. I don't wanna play by myself because the loving online is broken. Guess I'm just gonna wait until they fix. Jesus christ.
  10. Is anyone else having problems playing with people and finding rooms? I have yet to get into a game that lets me stay for more than 5 secs. Gets the world map, then ends the room. My friends are having the same prob. And when searching for games, it just plain doesn't work. I've changed everyone with my connection from resetting router, modem, un plugging router completely and doing connection tests. Have had no probs with any other games. Just wondering if this was a problem with the servers or something. This isn't a bash or anything, I just want to play the game badly. And it's kinda the point to be able to do it co-op.
  11. Yeah based of all previous arcade games, it will be out in about 20 mins. Thats 4am EST. Gonna play some other poop until the time to crash.
  12. Didn't even see your post dude. Theres a part two to each posts below the first video. Just scroll down.
  13. The people in the video are saying the kind of jokes people say when they are trying to be funny. Just annoying honestly. Ha Ha funny, you can sing everything that happens in the game, and say a funny word over and over, we get it.
  14. LazHimself Isn't there a topic for GTs already?