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  1. do u play on ps3

    1. The Forgotten Knight

      The Forgotten Knight

      Sorry bro, I don't. I haven't been on the forums in forever either.

  2. Purple Knight is better or pink knight ?
  3. the best combos with green knight is on this video
  4. Hi i seaching people for insane,my goal is complet all gold skull i know i'm late for do this because i juste discovery this beautiful game psn:thesuperboy1234
  5. if you want to play with me add me psn: thesuperboy1234
  6. add me for arena psn: thesuperboy1234
  7. my favorite character in castle crasher is he look like very dangerous and i like to freeze
  8. My favorite is pet is and to on Dungeon Defender yeah Giraffey all the way
  9. For tournament of ps3 is not comming ?
  10. You can chek otto or fenix video he make a good trick the link for fenix 0tto if you play on psn i can help you and giving to u trik psn:thesuperboy1234