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  1. do u play on ps3

    1. The Forgotten Knight

      The Forgotten Knight

      Sorry bro, I don't. I haven't been on the forums in forever either.

  2. Gecko7485

    Pink Knight!

    Purple Knight is better or pink knight ?
  3. Gecko7485

    Green Knight Is A Little Rusty

    the best combos with green knight is on this video
  4. Gecko7485

    Find people to play CC with here!

    Hi i seaching people for insane,my goal is complet all gold skull i know i'm late for do this because i juste discovery this beautiful game psn:thesuperboy1234
  5. Gecko7485

    People For Cc Ps3

    if you want to play with me add me psn: thesuperboy1234
  6. Gecko7485

    Psn Arena

    add me for arena psn: thesuperboy1234
  7. Gecko7485

    Gold Skull Count

    someone still plays a castle crasher on psn?
  8. Gecko7485

    Who is your favorite character?

    my favorite character in castle crasher is he look like very dangerous and i like to freeze
  9. Gecko7485

    Favourite Animal Orb?

    My favorite is pet is and to on Dungeon Defender yeah Giraffey all the way
  10. Gecko7485

    Castle Crasher Tournament

  11. Gecko7485

    Castle Crasher Tournament

    For tournament of ps3 is not comming ?
  12. Gecko7485

    Can Someone Help Me Get The Arena Trophy On Psn?

    I can help you
  13. Gecko7485

    Gold Skull Count

    You can chek otto or fenix video he make a good trick the link for fenix 0tto if you play on psn i can help you and giving to u trik psn:thesuperboy1234