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  1. No need, we've already moved this thread, thanks! Whenever I run into a bug, I usually submit a ticket, but posting it here probably works too.
  2. 1. On the most part, yes. Sometimes you'll get a weapon or piece of equipment that changes the stats a little (like the Castle Crashers helmets), but they all draw from the base stats of the item type. 2. It seems you can leave the town with 8 items (slots shown next to the store when leaving) and return with up to 10 items (shown at the bottom of the screen in the overworld). It's possible that number changes with 2 players, but that's what I'm seeing with 1-player. I haven't used resurrection or nitro, but I'm assuming resurrection brings a unit back to life and nitro makes your caravan faster for the session or something. I'm guessing all the items have to be used in the overworld, in which case the button reference for each should be somewhere on the screen (I'm playing Xbox version and it tells me on the bottom left that campfire is used with LT). 3. For the caravan, the button controls on XBOX are: X to mark a point of interest (once for normal point, twice for enemy point, three times to remove), you can place one at a time and when on the overworld the game will point to it. B to drop a poop, you can use these as breadcrumbs to find your way back to a location later (or just do it for fun). Y to fire the cannon, though it has a cooldown. If you're playing 2-player, the second player controls the cannon. If you're playing 1-player, it auto-aims to the nearest enemy. The cannon stuns enemies so that you can pass them without going into battle. 4. As far as I can tell, there's no way to look at an enemy unit's stats, but I think on the most part the same class of enemy will usually work the same way. You just have to keep an eye out for different weapon and hat types, but those usually have consistent sizes.
  3. I believe online 4-player is just versus.
  4. There's no button on the top right to upload a cover photo? I could ask, maybe it's supposed to be enabled.
  5. This is how he used to look. It's probably going to be immensely difficult to find another pixie named Butt, but I won't rest until his legacy is recovered.
  6. Like Castle Crashers, I went and picked up an Xbox One over PS4 almost entirely because of this game. I'll probably buy it on Steam too anyway. Save data from the beta doesn't carry over though. It's sad, I had a pixie named "Butt" I was really attached to.
  7. They're all pretty good, even the GameBoy Color one (which is on 3DS virtual console). I played it a bit at PAX and like the rest of Shantae's games it's very very fun. I recommend going through all of them at some point, especially if you like platformers and Metroidvanias (though the new one isn't a Metroidvania). It shouldn't matter if you start with this one though. There's returning characters and stuff but the story isn't overly-complicated or anything.
  8. I've like never posted in this thread (I also haven't posted in over 10 billion years, fact) but I've been listening to a lot. It's basically a playlist someone put together of a bunch of music styled like the Jet Set Radio games. Does this count as advertising? Someone should ban me.
  9. Gotcha gotcha. First vote's up folks.
  10. Alright, that'll be enough nominations. I don't know what that is, can you give me a name? Is it Danganronpa 3? (Better not be spoilers)
  11. That's because every time someone starts posting a lot we ban them #conspiracies It'll probably pick up a lot more when Pit People releases.
  12. It looks like there's a bit of a disagreement going on here based on something that went on over on the wikia. Please refrain from bringing your outer conflicts here, and especially don't make threads about other users without their permission. Locking this.
  13. If you have the link, you can just post it. If you still need help, please send me a private message.
  14. Seems like BattleBlock Theater on Steam with Windows 10 with an Xbox One controller. A picture's not going to do much since it seems to be a button mapping issue. Unfortunately I haven't played BBT Steam yet, so I can't really help with this.
  15. Welcome to the forums! I don't know the details of your posting privileges, but if you're making a post (you have to be using the full editor), you can scroll down below the posting area where it says "Attach Files," which should let you upload an image. If you can't do that, use an image host such as to upload the image, then copy and paste the link to your post.
  16. You're free to help out new users, link them to useful threads and pages, and to give them suggestions. But you have to be polite, you have to be correct, and you have to stay on-topic. Like I said in the opening post, the issue comes in when a correction becomes more than just a harmless suggestion. The only reason this thread exists right now is because we've honestly had to deal with a lot of these issues lately. We've had situations where someone will correct a new user and what they say will either not reflect the rules correctly or will derail the thread. If you really want to help, it may be more worthwhile to message the user directly or leave it to the mods. It's not that we don't appreciate your help, it's that we have mods for this kind of thing for a reason.
  17. Hey everyone. Recently we've been seeing an influx of posts where users try to enforce the rules and tell other users what they can't post on the forums, and it's been causing quite a few issues. I'd like to make a few things clear so we can avoid these situations in the future. Please do not take it upon yourself to enforce the rules. This is called "backseat moderating" and includes any behavior where you are attempting to educate or correct someone on the rules. Here are some examples: "There's no reason for this thread to exist." "You've been double posting a lot lately, stop doing it." "The Mods should probably lock this thread." "Don't bump old threads, it's against the rules." The moderating team is around for a reason, and it's our job to enforce the rules. We only appoint Moderators who understand the rules and can best deal with these kinds of situations, and as such rule-breakers need to be left to us. We appreciate that some of you would like to help newer users understand the forum's rules, but a lot of issues can arise when you approach users yourself. Here are some of the reasons why backseat moderating is problematic: It often takes the thread off-topic. Moderators can't be everywhere at once, and there's no guarantee we'll see a post just because it says "Mods please lock this." If a user becomes upset with you for the way you're pointing out broken rules, you will be held responsible. If you are incorrect in your claim or offend another user with your post, that makes two issues we have to resolve instead of one. Approaching a user with this kind of attitude, especially a new user, may make them less confident to post. When you see someone breaking the rules, we ask that you please use the report button. This will not only avoid any possible conflict that could arise from posting about the rules directly on the thread, but will also bring the concern to us in the quickest way possible. Keep in mind that most of our decisions are made through lots of private discussion. It can take a team of moderators to make the right decision, so we don't expect a single user to respond correctly, and we don't want to hold anybody responsible for a mistake they make with good intentions. Most of our reports are handled privately, so just because you don't see anything come out of it doesn't mean we ignored or disagreed with your report. Sometimes the solution is as simple as sending a user a quick little private message. Other times the issue won't be major enough to deal with. If we locked every thread that was bumped, discussion would feel a lot more restricted. Bumping old threads is allowed as long as you supply a reason or are adding to the discussion, yet there have been so many users giving newcomers trouble for doing exactly that. That's part of the reason this has to stop. We can't have something as minor as a double post turning into a flame war just because someone makes a big deal out of it. So, to review: Don't tell users they're breaking the rules, that's our job. If you see a rule being broken, report it, don't add to the issue by talking about it in the thread. Bumping is okay as long as it adds to the discussion. Remember that a lot of the new users here have never been to online forums before, or have been to forums with different rules. Please don't be rude to new users, regardless of their posting habits. If anyone has thoughts, comments, or questions, please post them here.
  18. Chill out Yugo, doesn't seem like any of that was intentional. I'm not going to try and find out what happened in this thread. Most likely, something went wrong and it got all buggy. Nobody's fault, I'll just go ahead and lock it.
  19. Warning points don't really work like they should. Either way, they're only for our reference, and we're not going to hold a 2-year old warning against you. Sorry for the inconvenience, just pretend you don't have a warning point.
  20. Morg, you're free to make threads about fat shaming and transsexual topics. We're actually more likely to allow those than a suicide thread at this point. If you want to make a thread about fat shaming, you can make a thread about fat shaming. But your thread last night wasn't about fat shaming, it was about a girl who was fat shaming. The video was extremely inappropriate, and the stuff you wrote made it seem more like you wanted to talk about how terrible she was. If you make the thread without the offensive content and without the intent for harassment, it won't be locked.
  21. I'm gonna nominate Far Side drawings. We'll take 3 more.
  22. Just who do ya think you are, punko? You think you're the one calling the shots around here?
  23. Please use the report button! Made this thread before I was a mod. Now I'ma lock it because it's metaphorical or something.