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  1. (Morgan freeman voice) Some say it happened over night, others say they met on the moon when destroying hatty's hat. But Evil hat and derkis from the and forward teamed up and created the features playlist 43 times and counting. xD RANDOMNESS! BTW Have teleporter blockings. so certain teleports work to get to different areas but the other areas are closed. (Its complicated.) OR have a buzz saw with ice under it and slime blocks on each side, its challenging. Or one of the cat control things with a lot of water and jumps, the cat control thing blasts you into the water, challenging too.
  2. I met one kid that made fun of me because I had all the heads. He was calling me a retard because I had 100%. (JEALOUS MUCH)
  3. banned for having 5 words in a sentence! xD
  4. Star heads are part of the game, get used to it. :/
  5. The white knight could be light, wouldn't a white knight be weird? ya, that would be weird.
  6. Its ok, I guess. Sorry, more of a metal fan. :/ No use to those new fangled song types.
  7. Star head beggars that are only here to troll and beg for star heads.
  8. You seen too much You can tell he watched the video. You did too, how else would you know its from there? Plus, who wouldn't? Its human curiosity.
  9. I'd buy more then one, just because.
  10. WOW! 5 votes! Man that is disgusting! I don't really think it is, if it was like 30 then sure. Just goes to show how many grenade spammers we have. Its 5/20. That's like nothing. And who says everyone spams them?
  11. We just had a PAX head. What? Which one? When? Buckle Your Pants head. Look above yours, I just said that. :/
  12. WOW! 5 votes! Man that is disgusting! I don't really think it is, if it was like 30 then sure.
  13. We just had a PAX head. What? Which one? When? Buckle your pants head. Its still out if you don't have it.
  14. That's awesome dude. It shows, that hackers are nothing compared to skilled players!
  15. Honestly, does it matter if I have authority or not? The community is voting so it doesn't matter who makes it. How does the community have authority to make a claim? Rarity isn't an opinion it's a fact. You need cold hard numbers to back up a rarity claim not a survey poll. If you want an accurate guide, this is not the way to make it. Since its kinda hard to take survey of how many there are. We ask the community on their account of trading with other players.I've seen WAY more furbottom then toast personally.
  16. GO TOAST! FURBOTTOM IS Toast! Dumb pun intended, now go, go vote for toast
  17. The water droplet should be a yellow sea shell. It would fit better, and remove the star fish, doesn't fit in.
  18. I just play against bots now. They don't want to trade and won't beg! How efficient! Proof robots are already better then humans.
  19. Sorry, I din't know, thanks for pointing out this has been pointed out, xD. Request lock.
  20. Gratz man! Im only 1100 something. :/, but 1st! Thats amazing!
  21. I know most people thought there were only 4 weapons in Blacksmith DLC, but you had to buy the 5th in the insane castle shop. THE WOOD SWORD! Beware of splinters
  22. At the end of battleblock theater when your running to the boat, look at the people with the muskets! One of them is fat kid! We could have predicted him!