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    1. TheBlacksmith07


      Oh no boy you better not copy me!I can do it too!He-hello?You givin' me the silent treatment?I DONT LIKE IT!Boy you'd better stop with the ... 'cause ill do the same to you!Alright fine!how's this?.... BOOM!I DID 4!Totally beats your little ... heheheheh.Im a pro.YOU STILL DOING THAT ...?ARG!Im done.Im done.

  2. DemonSteak

    Best Knight In The Game?

    According to the tier listing, its the blue knight, but I like hatty,
  3. DemonSteak


  4. DemonSteak

    What Is Your Least Favorite Race In Skyrim And Why?

    IKR! I So agree! I love the just raid the embassy and kill everyone. xD
  5. DemonSteak

    Fossa Is The Best!

    IKR, he gave me Winston and toast, FREE!
  6. DemonSteak

    Which Console Has The Best Day 1 Releases?

    Im not getting xbox one, can't use old games on it. :/ (As far as I've heard.)
  7. DemonSteak

    Favourite Animal Orb?

    I use chicken and golden whale, I like the moneys!
  8. I personally think duck shark and Sausage should be worth more.
  9. DemonSteak

    Cat Control

    Wow, man not a good trade.
  10. DemonSteak


    really?!?! Wow.
  11. DemonSteak


    Strawberries aren't technically berries because the seeds are on the outside.
  12. Shoutout to Fossa for the toast and winston! Thanks bro!

  13. Shoutout to Fossa for the toast and winston! Thanks bro!

  14. Shoutout to Fossa for the toast and winston! Thanks bro!

  15. DemonSteak

    I Just Beat Insane Mode!

    I have that too, I rage quit all the time.
  16. Secret mountain fort awesome, and Misadventures of Flapjack.
  17. DemonSteak

    The P.a.i.n. Gun

    Every time you breath the oxygen and hydrogen combine, and produces water, in your longs! BAM! Drowning.
  18. DemonSteak

    The P.a.i.n. Gun

    Every reply you post makes you thirstier, but if you try to drink, it evaporates.
  19. Buying toast and Winston.

  20. DemonSteak

    Trade Stuff On Battle Block Theater With Other Users Here!

    Well ok then, well Im buying toast, message me how much you want to sell it for.
  21. DemonSteak

    Dlc Ideas (Post Your Own Too)

    Place: Mount BOOM! Objective: Destroy the hat. Story: The friends are being chased by the cats and they need to destroy the hat to save hatty. Head: Volcano Weapon: Musket (like at the end) it would be different from the foam ocket because it would explode.
  22. DemonSteak

    What Would You Change?

    Be able to trade over 100, sick of being scammed.