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  1. Who do you think the narrator is? I've heard mixed things, from IDK, to purham, and hatty. Personally I think its just a person. IDK who, but its a person we dont know. Please, let us know who you think it is.
  2. DemonSteak

    Unseen Heads?

    I was playing online this morning when this glitching guy came in the match, when we traded he had these heads. The king A Wrapped present A nose with a bandage on it I tried to take a screen shot up he left, so I hopped that what I saw might be enough proof for the admins.
  3. DemonSteak

    300 For Hand-Eyeball-Head

    Srry, im kinda poor, just wondering if anyone is willing to trade. GT:BrassShot
  4. DemonSteak

    Called It! Called the nose! That means the other ones are coming then.
  5. DemonSteak

    Derekis's Crazy Club

    Ice King (Adventure Time)
  6. My friend told me that if you collect all the gems in the game, at the end instead of firing the laser, hatty blinks and swims up. Has anyone completed the game with all the gems?
  7. DemonSteak


    I searched the search bar for skyrim, didn't see anything. So, Who plays Skyrim, and what race, and level are you!
  8. DemonSteak


    I'm a level 50 Argonian. (With level 100 smithing! GO HOMEMADE ITEMS IN VIDEO GAMES)
  9. DemonSteak

    Rubber Handle Sword- Castle Crashers

    How do you get 2x4?
  10. DemonSteak

    Favorite Team Color

    I wish they had grey, that would be cool, but I like purple.
  11. DemonSteak

    [20-Sept-13] - A Grand Old Time!

    I know, took my 45 minutes when it usually takes 15 minutes.
  12. Ill test it if its possible to test.
  13. DemonSteak

    End Easter Egg?

  14. DemonSteak

    I See You

    A man with lots of eyes, or ARGOS PANOPTES from greek myth.
  15. Don't do that again. IDK what else to say. xD
  16. DemonSteak

    Quest To 5000 Yarn

    Nah, I heard they might sell star heads for yarn in the future. Just wanna be safe and keep it, even though its probably a lie.
  17. DemonSteak

    Who Is Rarer?

    Honestly, does it matter if I have authority or not? The community is voting so it doesn't matter who makes it. How does the community have authority to make a claim? Rarity isn't an opinion it's a fact. You need cold hard numbers to back up a rarity claim not a survey poll. If you want an accurate guide, this is not the way to make it. What do you suggest we do? Go check the heads of the 500,000 people who have played this game? I don't think so. Exactly!
  18. DemonSteak

    Star Head Art

    To be fair, you have no right to know. Why not? >:l
  19. DemonSteak

    Star Head Art

    Who is he! I wanna see the picture so far!
  20. DemonSteak

    What's The Strangest Gift You Ever Received?

    I got ALL books for my birthday. Thanks Mom.
  21. DemonSteak

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

  22. DemonSteak

    Star Head Art

    Who? o3o
  23. DemonSteak

    Funny Bbt Cpu Glitch

    Lol, He was trying to give you a HIGH FIVE! But really though, lol.
  24. Im in central too.