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  1. Just like everyone else I am forced to use windows for the majority of my gaming.. though right now I am currently not running any directx 10 vista games on my partition system, I am purely operating on ubuntu at home, and I have warcraft 3 setup using cedega. There isn't any worthwhiled games out on pc right now, maybe world of goo, trials 2, warhammer/wow is tired..
  2. This is another reason I do most my gaming on PC, xbox is so unreliable with everything... and microsoft.. well sucks!
  3. well actually I am.. I convinced 3 of my friends to shell out the 20$ or whatever it cost to get this game, and to our suprise we cannot play but for a few minutes before connectivity issues... haven't seen this on other game, but just to make sure did all the port forwarding/dmz settings.. we all did, we all have linksys routers ... nothing changed same results.. You would think.. games would be somewhat tested, or a patch be released the next or so, I know you guys are making bank off this game....