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  1. Fat Kid

    Gears of War 3

    I agree with you, the Hammerburst was the best AR (high damage and high recoil) of Gow2, in this beta it shoots nails and haves almost no recoil, the lancer is about fine and the PLancer is the best for me They are balanced i think each haves it's ow range and advantages. Something i hate about the beta is that virtually no one spots, and the usual gow problems are there too (people wont flank or touch the ARs and immediately change to the shotgun as soon as they spawn) I also think that no one talks to each other and that is the key to the GOW3 multiplayer whenever I talk to people they just take the mic out of me but they have never seen me
  2. Fat Kid

    Portal 1/2

    I loved portal 1 I played it alot on the orange box then my brother got it on pc (steam) the graphics were better on the pc version and I completed it on that aswell and when portal 2 came out sadly my brother got I didn't have enough money to get it but portal 2 is amazing GlaDos is even funnier than the first portal game, I think portal 2 is better because of the new co-op mode.
  3. Fat Kid

    Gears of War 3

    The gears of war 3 beta is awesome I have nearly everything. 2 skins away from 100percent, unlocked all characters and got golden pendulum lancer in the real game also cole train, I don't really like the hammerburst it doesn't have enough power and I think most people would agree with me and I do like the lancer, but I find the pendulum lancer to be my favourite.
  4. Fat Kid

    Level Edit?

    I definatly want a level editor on the game and I would like it to be with friends, because that would be awesome
  5. Fat Kid

    Dishwasher 2 is coming to xbox live!

    It looks really awesome and I enjoyed playing the last dishwasher.
  6. Fat Kid

    Team Fortress 2

    I have the The orange box(TF2 for xbox360) and the then my brother got the computer version and its a lot better than the xbox360 version. Their are hats, new weapons, different game modes and maps etc...
  7. Fat Kid

    Call of duty: BLACK OPS

    Buy what your heart intends. Not other people's. That really sounds cheesy
  8. Fat Kid

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World THE GAME

    Me and my brother and his mate were playing it today and we got up to the final ex and what its been out for 7 hours and we only played it for 4 hours
  9. Fat Kid

    Call of duty: BLACK OPS

    I brought all the Call Of Duty games, but everyone thinks Modern Warfare 2 is not very good anymore . So I don't know if I Might buy black ops
  10. Fat Kid

    Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    Ouch. Sounds painful On a much happier note; I ACTUALLY PASSED PHYSICS Well done.......Aren't you dropping physics though
  11. Fat Kid

    Alien Hominid 2?

    It would be good to see a sequel, but like Halo 3, ODST. They keep with the same engine and it gets boring so that's why I don't won't behemoth to keep making new games. (and not carrying on with the old)
  12. Fat Kid

    South Park LGTDP Professor Chaos

    Yes it is a download why Rabid turkey is asking for a code. I guess I should have read the text properly . I thought he said he needed someone to play with I feel like a such an idiot.
  13. Fat Kid

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World THE GAME

    The trailer for the game looks really good and I can't wait for the movie to come out its going to be amazing
  14. Fat Kid

    Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    If everyone did their part it would. I stopped using plastic bags like 2 years ago, i go to the store an average of 3-4 times a day. You can do the math if you want, and i am happy i have saved up all that plastic that i would have used like for 15 minutes. Another thing i like to do is to save water, i am sick of people who waste stuff carelessly. But no one can't be bothered to do anything to save the earth. And if your trying to save electricity then there is no point, because of Las Vegas lighting up every night
  15. Fat Kid

    Unofficial Castle Crashers PS3 Theme

    It looks rather good actually I would like to have it