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  1. I think after collecting every head in a category the vending machine changes and it has say 5 heads you can only unlock with yarn.
  2. So I started thinking about it and I have been following the behemoth since the alien hominid the flash game, so yes I know of Dad n Me, Chainsaw the children and what not but I am wondering how long some of you guys have been following?
  3. So, I got to thinking and I just know that hatty is a playable character in BBT, so here are a few ways I think they would have you unlock him if he is in the game. Earn All Of The Achievements. Get Every Level A+ On Solo, Co-Op, And Insane on both Solo and Co-Op. Collect Every Single Head. (Including Star Heads) Or He Will Be The Last Star Head They Release. So what do you guys think? Am I on to something or do you guys think he would be unlocked a diffirent way? Let me know!
  4. I want a 12" Hatty Figurine, THAT would be awesome.
  5. The Beta Was epic and I now own A game that I can say I helped with.