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  1. I did the same, I had to recreate my forum account just the other day, even though I had completed the beta sign up. Anyone else had this issue? When you finish the Beta sign up, does it send you a confirmation email or anything?I had to edit my email to something more recent, and the validation took three or so weeks to reach me. I got it solved and it went through
  2. I don't think sequels are necessary just yet. But if there were to be a game to branch off of another, I'd take a Castle Crashers prequel (not sequel everyone )
  3. I'm new to the forums, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stay A very nice community we've got here!
  4. I first registered and never got an email, and I couldn't sign in until I remade the account just a few minutes ago.
  5. Love the pink knight! Got her instantly when I saw the XBLA listing online
  6. Looks like my Behemoth account never got through when I signed up for the beta. You think I'll still be alright for sign up?