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  1. Soleuz

    my stupid bro...

    Why didn't you lock your XBL Account with a password.
  2. Soleuz

    Test Your Castle Crashers Knowledge!

    No question. Then i'll have to ask. Q: In what lvl do you find the Kings mace.
  3. Soleuz

    Lars Signature Service

    Hey lars, Sorry that I couldn't get a render last time. Theme: Castle Crashers Render: Eskimo Background: Blue, White. Style: Cold Special Effects: Freeze Could you like, put my name somewhere on it ?
  4. Soleuz

    Sincerely, the forums.

    h3ll y34h. w3 4r3 411 pr0z
  5. Soleuz

    What animal orb are YOU?

  6. Soleuz

    Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    I love getting rick roll'd
  7. Soleuz

    I can't draw the gray knight

    My randomness
  8. Soleuz

    Black Knight

    There are a lot of people talking about a Black knight, Im just wondering if its the grey knight. If not, could somebody post a picture of it ?? Thanks, Nick
  9. Soleuz

    Castle crasher cheats,walkthroughs and more!

    game is rated T for Teen. Cheater! Yup, theres...... involved. You just made me laugh so much
  10. Soleuz

    Your Arena (melee) character setup

    Industrial Knight. Level 51. Kings mace.
  11. Soleuz

    fastest times

    52 mins with green knight
  12. Soleuz


    Lol. It kinda makes me laugh
  13. Soleuz

    Castle Crashers Display Case Project

    Ooo. Cool
  14. Soleuz

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    between space and