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  1. What prizes did all of the winners choose?
  2. Temple Death looks really cool! Ill have to try that one. I hate all the minecraft clones as well... too many of those in there. ive bought maybe 10 indie games and have not been super impressed with any of them- some were good fun but ended way too quickly...
  3. chocolate cake is gross... unless its like nice- layer with mouse and ish cake- but aint nobody got time fer dat chocolate birthday cake rubbish- would you rather eat a fresh dog tird in the rain under a leaky umbrella OR Sit through "The Last Airbender" by M Night Shyamalan....
  4. I hope I get in the BETA but my gamertag is Haddy22 just like my username- would be fun to play with somebody to try out online multiplayer
  5. I dont think it has been posted yet- I just checked their twitter and there is nothing about it- soon hopefully!
  6. I counted 20 entries with 5-10 winners, chances are pretty good! Hopefully they decide to award 10 and not 5!
  7. Too bad I cant see it.... Id like to I get this "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!"
  8. Here is my entry Click it to see it bigger- Happy Valentines Day Behemoth