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  1. I noticed The Knight is worth A LOT on the market. So I wanted to put mine for sale... ...but it says it's "not marketable, not tradable". Why is that? Why can't I put my Knight for sale or for trade, but everyone else can? D8
  2. >my username >my icon >mycon >do i like pikmin >DO I LIKE PIKMIN >yes
  3. Well, you can go into the games files using a SWF decompiler and change the Isaac face to a Hatty face.
  4. Is there anywhere I could go for some b-day discounts or some free sweet day o' birth loot?
  6. What's strange is Alien Hominind HD is Behemoth's smallest big-name game, but it's taking the longest to be released on PC.
  7. I know Cat Guards are enemies in the Steam Version, but are the original enemy cats from the XBLA version in the game, or have they all been replaced with the Guards?
  8. NEW gamertag is Thatpikminguy

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      You are so creative.

  9. Gamertag is t rexasaurus5