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  1. I'm not dead, just hibernating

  2. You're doing God's work Megan.
  3. Death to infidels

    1. Zytten13



      P.S. Get well soon

    2. BehemothChicken


      Hm. we shall wonder whether youre coming back or not

  4. Our Soul Calibur thread is old as Jesus so Im just gonna post this here. I made a Chrom in Soul Calibur 4, he even has the brand.
  5. Did somebody say rare pepes? Opinion on Fire Emblem
  6. Yay late sign up I can play on both NNID: DustyKnight FC: 4897-7240-9458 Skype: You already have it Nominations: Arena Ferox and Castle Siege Summer activity: memes
  7. I finally beat Fire Emblem Awakening on Lunatic difficulty, now Im training for Apotheosis so that I can finish this game for good.
  8. So using this leaked knowledge, I created the TRUE final boss of Fire Emblem IF. Spoiler alert of course. I dont know if you were aiming at this joke but
  9. Friendly reminder that Mumkhar is the best Xenoblade character
  10. You guys hating on the mop, you're just not supposed to use it as a roller, you just rapid fire the trigger button, I get 1000-1200 points nearly every game with it.
  11. Once again BotanicSage makes God in music form NSFW
  12. Real talk, Lucas' Up Smash destroys lives
  13. Just got this game today. I love it. I haven't even touched Singleplayer yet however.
  14. I know Old Hubba was always old but goddang he looks like he might fall over at any moment.