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  1. The game looks unbelievably good and it has me playing both of your games again. The Behemoth is the master of arcade games. Do you guys ever wonder what it would be like if you were making arcade games like Bubble Bobble or Mortal Kombat back in the day
  2. I have heard rumours that the 3rd Carmine will be called Clint Carmine.
  3. Oh sorry I think he meant Castle Crashers is headed for PS3 but still, read his post
  4. Tom Fulp announced today that game#3 would be on PS3 today, read the whole thing, It has info about comicon09 too.
  5. Anorexic Whale

    Fat Kid

    I don't remember there being a purple powerup?
  6. So Denivire how long have you been playing? I've been playing for almost 5 years now and I'm going to buy Propellerheads new DAW program and record some of my riffs and post them on NG
  7. Ohhhh nice a Gibson, I have a Gibson Les Paul, A purple one In January I'm going to work for 16 days and get paid 2080 dollars all together for working 4 hours a day.
  8. Congrats you deserve it Sully with the castlewiki!
  9. Helmetless Periwinkle knight with a helmet animal orb?
  10. Like the shoes! Will you be making them for all 4 knight colors?
  11. You can't wait 1 year? I got excited when I heard it was coming out in 2010!
  12. I hate everytime I bring this up people call me a 360 fanboy, I'm just stating the obvious. Stop trying to justify your purchase of the PS3. You know PS3 online sucks compared to 360. Just leave it at that. Putting it on all consoles could make them more money but not likely. Yeah it costs more but that's because it's better now lets stop this childish fight.
  13. Your wrong, your question was already answered in the other thread don't duplicate it. Lock, please.