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  1. do you have to beat the 3 extra levels? cause I never have to in the past, but I did not get the head yet. I am doing solo now, man these levels are hard, but good
  2. do you have to do solo feature? cause I did co op and did not get it
  3. So I am pretty sure you guys were at SDCC right? will you be at NYCC? I have never gone and this will be my first year going to anything of the sort. I would love to see you guys there with a booth of merchandise. And I understand it was a 1 time special thing, but I would love to get my hands on one of those CC bear hats. With the red paw in the center is just so awesome! But yea my question is will there be a booth at NYCC?
  4. I would like to see new maps in all the arena modes. And of course for glitches to be fixed
  5. I did not see this post, but I figure it is here somewhere so I would just like to give a friendly reminder that the most prominent glitch my friends and I run into is the rock killing us instantly when we go to pick it up. It is a host thing, the host never seems to have the issue. This is really annoying though and has really messed us up way too often. On a side note I would also just like to say my one friend can't seem to play this game online for more than 20 min or so, he gets kicked out and once that happens he can't stay in for a minute. But the rock thing happens to all of us so please fix that first.
  6. yea it's in arena, why is it not in furbottoms community theater?
  7. I want gems, but in order to get them I can only play on a handful of maps, there needs to be refreshed maps. I love to play challenges, but they are too easy now
  8. Hey here's a question, how do I find my solo adventure map? when I go local and search my name it says there is nothing to download
  9. The shark is able to eat you with with the horse, it takes a bit of trying sometimes, but when you and the horse go through, the glitch occurs, clearly this was not supposed to happen. You are still riding the horse and can jump with it now and pretty much move as if you are not on the horse, but you can not get off the horse unless you die, also sometimes the horse disappears and you are walking 1 block above the ground.
  10. This is a solo adventure, I have spent many hours on it and hope you enjoy it. This is not one of those playlists where I had 1 good room and the rest are crap, I have tested each map multiple times and had a few friends test them as well, it seems there is 1 part that so far none of them could figure out, I don't think it is that hard though, anyways please check out "Rainbow" by Anubis316. It started out with the idea of having a room be each color of the rainbow, but I ran out of colors and made some fun maps, 3 of which reference other games. Please give me feed back, thanks! Oh and this entire playlist was intended to be played with NO weapons(B button). If you want to cheat go ahead, but you don't need to.
  11. it turns out I could not place the block because there was not a set map for the secret room. so the first question is answered
  12. WOW thanks! I never thought I would be able to test it as if it were uploaded, but testing it local, genius! thank you! Now I can get that perfection I wanted.
  13. good questions, I know you can not edit them, tha's why we are encouraged to make duplicate saves before uploading, but since I can not test these maps fully without uploading I would like to be able to upload and then delete if needed.
  14. my friend can't play the playlist it says that a signed in user can't play the content, she can join if someone else hosts, so it's a restriction xbox has we think. She says she can't seem to change the parental settings though, does anyone have suggestions? thanks
  15. so I have been working hard to make an awesome solo adventure, and just ran into the problem of placing a secret room block, why won't it let me place the block? My second question actually is for my friend, he made some arena maps, but it seems he can not edit the times or the spawn locations of any gametypes, is this true? is there no way? or is he missing something? thank you
  16. here is my problem, I tried to go around the no channels thing by blocking the teleporters, but why does the on/off block not block the teleport? I wanted to have a map with rooms only able to be entered by teleporters and have the block be turned off to enter, but you still go through and end up being inside the block, now you can just go back, but what I wanted to do was have a rock go through with you, I guess I cant though?
  17. can I turn the trophy off? does it go gold if I beat it on insane? I don't like having this silver trophy on my guy. thanks
  18. I just beat it, I am so sad I want to go sit in a corner and cry. Please give me something to fill this hole you have dug out of my heart with your sad ending. I was like oh no hatty say it isn't so and they were like well we will just give you an ending that will confuse you and tear your heart out and make a green glowing hat just so you can have a thread of hope. but then we learn that thread belongs to yard and then you are covered in cats and thats not helping anybody.
  19. When playing co-op a lot of the time when the 2nd player grabs a rock they will die instantly. It looks like the rock just crushes them right away. This has happened to me and my friend on separate occasions with different people.
  20. Is there a point to being able to get on the roof of the theater after the first cut scene? is there a point to all the ladder/monkey bars in the gift shop and lobby? it seems like there is a lot of pointless scenery, I was just wondering if maybe there are some hidden things or something.
  21. but what i am saying is I don't think I would ever want to make one revolving around weapons because people without them would get stuck, hmm maybe if in the first level the only way to win is to be able to use pretty much all the weapons, that way they won't put too much time into something they can't beat... hmm I might try this, but first I am still working on my first playlist
  22. So while playing a lot of the story with a co-op buddy we have realized that the weapons can really change things up, so much that I had this idea. I would like to suggest that there be a way for us(creators) to control what weapon people have. If I could know that the person playing will have all the weapons unlocked I could make much more creative and challenging levels. A wall where they must use the dart gun, an enemy in a location where only an energy ball or fan is the only way to kill them. Anyway I wanted to point out this could greatly increase the variety of community maps.
  23. why cant i see hatty's weapon on the rack?