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  1. if you ask me, as far as i've seen, it requires quite a few play throughs to unlock everyting, sounds like a challenge
  2. wow that's just lame, why should you buy a game, when you finish it the same day, i doesn't have any replay value that way, since you think it isn't fun
  3. i just got past the part where u are chased by the giant troll, the wait was worth it!
  4. im gonna be in the bathroom while it downloads
  5. congrats: u made yet another useless topic
  6. yea i used to do that as well, the song is just too catchy, today, i had to do some stuff in tha house for my mom(like vacuumcleaning and such) and i found myself singing it out loud! omg i really hated my self when i noticed it :@
  7. lol that was ffin funny, ill crash your castle all night long
  8. add me, my gt is: BANAAN AAPJE can't wait
  9. trying to regain my time visiting this website by means necessairy
  10. i dont know man, but i live in the netherlands, (gmt +1 i believe) so i think when i wake up the morning
  11. hey man, i would love it if you'd make a brown monkey which is wielding a banana
  12. u can draw an avatar for me a monkey wielding a banana
  13. well i thought up some decent ones...i guesss... juggler- keep an enemy in the air for over 20 seconds. noobcake- finish the game without using a single stat point. fatal kitty- kill an enemy in arena by beating him to the giant cat which will strike him to death. battering ram- break a door/gate within 2 seconds. ronald mcdonald- eat 5 times as much hp as your full health bar contains in one level. drug that poop out of me- spend an x amount of money on potions(amount of money depends on money value)