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  1. I traded my chicken head with a friend when he came over. i no longer had chicken head and he did. We logged out and once he got home he said that he didn't have the chicken head, and neither do I??? help please! Edit: Just traded for a new one so no big deal
  2. when i join an Online game, it works fine for about 5 seconds, lags for 5, and i get kicked about 3 seconds later. I have played other games and they work fine. I also tried playing with a friend earlier today and it said, "Could not connect to all consoles" when i tried to invite him and he tried to invite me, please help!
  3. Im looking for the purrham head, im willing to trade the chicken for it, im also looking for someone to help unlock the winston head with, add me AmericanPesos and we will work something out edit: traded, sorry folks!
  4. Is anyone else having this problem? I join any game even with perfect connection and after about 3 seconds of laggy gameplay, it says "Lost connection to host" I haven't been able to play any online modes because of it. I tried playing other games and they work fine, so it's not my internet. Any help with this problem would be great!