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  1. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the first 150 but no more than that sorry, sounds like great fun though. I'm sure you'll find loads of eager volunteers here
  2. Only the Alien Hominid figures are sold out forever, I'm sure they will get round to making some BBT ones
  3. Glad this is being fixed As for the comments about a lazy dev team, never have I seen a more hands-on, proactive group of people always eager to talk to their customers and fans and make the game as good as possible. I'd say the Behemoth is one of the best games teams in the world for this. Larger games such as Black ops 2 and Assassin's Creed 3 both have major glitches that have not been fixed for months on end, with 50 page forum threads full of genuine customer complaints falling on deaf ears. You could argue that there's a lot more players to please, but they also have much larger resources, so there's really no excuse.
  4. Maybe once the 'want' arrow is pointing at one of your heads you can hover over it and press 'deny' with the B button or a button that isn't used.
  5. The octopus head, I have an octopus stuck to my face as I'm typing this, in fact I can't even see what I'm typing! Boy I hope I wrote the right thing and not about that time I got drunk and danced naked on youtube.
  6. Psychic missile bots who shoot missiles at where I'm going to be before I've even made the concious decision to jump there
  7. Aw, I saw this too but assumed it was just part of the art, establishing the idea that levels can be on the higher level as well so you're less confused about where to go when you come to chapter 6. But who knows!
  8. Chapter 8's finale was already unlocked and had A's on for me as well. I figured I must have played it online without realizing or something. Glad to know I'm not going crazy!
  9. Despite knowing that it would eventually become a curse, I'd still choose invulnerability. However I feel life only has meaning because it's limited, I'd just enjoy spending the first few hundred years reading books and traveling the world. I feel like some superpowers would corrupt your spirit, like invisibility and time traveling. I'd probably rob a bank, buy everything I ever wanted, realise I'm still unfulfilled and never learn from my mistakes.
  10. Fallout 3, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Castle Crashers
  11. I hate event exclusive things, I'm still angry about pokemon blue and not getting Mew
  12. Thanks Dan, to be honest this is probably my fault, I think I caught one clip from an event where 2 players killing each other whilst completing a level and assumed that was the basis of the whole game. As Bigsilverbear said, it's great that you take the time to reply from such an objective standpoint when you've poured your heart and soul into this.
  13. It's great to see someone clearly address their likes and dislikes of the game. When the beta was running we discussed the weapon select and the reason you have to go into the menu to change your weapon was so that you were at a disadvantage in arena mode, your character helplessly dying whilst you frantically flick through your characteristics. I agree it can be frustrating but it does help balance the game. I would LOVE to see individual level leaderboards, sometimes I feel the time I did a level in was so amazing that I simply must have been the fastest in the world I'm not sure about the logistics of getting these up and running but it would be awesome. Personally, although I love this game, I feel slightly misled by the trailers. I was expecting a lot more co op play where you can suddenly turn on your team mate and the first to the end was the winner. Whilst you can turn on your team mate and kick them into some spikes for instance, it makes no real difference to the outcome of the game. The gap between the arena and main game is also quite large, I feel like most will buy this game because of their love of puzzles and platformers, but most of the arena modes don't appeal to these interests. I still enjoy playing arena, but it's very much a different game.