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  1. Haven't posted here in a while. Let's see... I recently played Silent Hill 2 for the first time. It's now my favorite piece of horror by far. It's the only time I've ever felt legitimately scared in my life. Might have something to do with playing at midnight each time with headphones on and lights out. I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, SH1 didn't do it for me and SH3 is taking its time to build up. I also started Final Fantasy X (International) and am enjoying it quite a bit. It was the last Final Fantasy game that I've been interested in, and now that I can play it, it's pretty great. Can't stand Rikku, though.
  2. Cannot... stop... watching this.
  3. Revon

    E3 2016

    While it was disappointing in both conferences, I'm thoroughly satisfied with how FFXV has come along based on everything else they've shown. It will no doubt be my personal game of the year, but I'm also hoping it'll reach that status for many others. September 30th cannot come soon enough.
  4. Just finished Final Fantasy VI. Maybe I went in with too high of expectations, but it did not live up to what I've been told. It has a lot going for it, but I feel it comes short, and failed to utilize the best parts to their fullest potential. Dark themes and moments are explored, but immediately undermined by spontaneous humor. I would love to see FFVI be remade a-la FFVIIR's standards. Expand upon those great elements that the game had, rework the placing of the humor (don't necessarily cut it entirely!), and dive deeper into the world and characters. If they did that, I'd gladly buy it, and maybe even see it for the "masterpiece" many claim it to be.
  5. Revon

    E3 2016

    Here's something much, much better than the stage demo:
  6. Revon

    E3 2016

    Some stuff so far has been pretty surprising and looks great, while others... disappointed me or did not even appear. So much for Persona being advertised to the masses. Also, why doesn't Ubisoft just trademark "innovation" already? They give a speech about how it's apparently in their blood every twenty minutes with every new open-world & shooter they announce. EDIT: Forgot to mention the revival (?) of PT. I did not see that coming.
  7. Revon

    E3 2016

    Square-Enix, definitely. I dropped $300 on the Ultimate Collector's Edition of FFXV, so I'm more than ready for it.
  8. Revon

    E3 2016

    After my girlfriend heads to work, I'm hanging with a friend for all of E3. Just gaming, watching stuff, and laying back for three days.
  9. Revon

    E3 2016

    Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy VII Remake (dunno if it'll be there) Kingdom Hearts 3 Persona 5 Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse Gears of War 4 Pokémon Sun/Moon Devil May Cry 5 (maybe?) Star Ocean 5 (please don't suck!) Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (please don't suck, either!) Legend of Zelda (WiiU) Square Enix's games alone are enough to give me a heart attack. This E3 is going to be insane.
  10. I haven't had time to catch any of it yet, but its on my list of stuff to catch on my days off work coming up soon It's very predictable, but being able to know what comes next somehow does not affect the quality of the show for my friends and I. i highly recommend it. Also, the music is fantastic, plus Bones animation.
  11. Anyone else loving My Hero Academia?
  12. I haven't gotten around to Revelation beyond chapter eight or so, but I feel very mixed about Fates as a whole. Conquest's gameplay was top-notch in terms of map design (with some exceptions like chapter 17) and a lot of the characters (mostly the royal family) are great. I don't like the story, though. I was most excited to see an FE where plot is the focus, but it fell short in so many areas. A lot of the problem comes from Corrin I noticed. Once again, they tried to make a blank slate avatar with a set personality, which is conflicting and leads to a boring and indecisive character. This, coupled with the "I want to fight a war, but let's not kill anyone," ideal causes Corrin to backfire completely. Still love her design, though. Also, a note to anyone that plans to get the game(s) and hasn't yet: If you plan to play all three, start with Birthright! Going from normal/classic Conquest to hard/classic Birthright made it very boring for me, even without grinding. Maybe Lunatic is different, but I didn't try it.
  13. Worse than School Days? ...haven't seen it but very very likely. Umaru is a show about a girl who plays videogames and is a spoiled brat to her brother 24/7, and you would beleive with 12 episodes she would be less self-centered but no. She's the japanese Minion, and she isn't going away and I hate it School Days is about a guy that uses his friend to learn how to ask a girl out, kiss, have sex, etc. and gets with the girl he likes. Then he sleeps with just about every girl in his school.
  14. This song, coupled with the series it's used in... makes me feel completely empty inside. Even so, I can't stop listening to this: