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  1. Aw come on, you know I got all them right... Technically....
  2. We can only wait and see what DLC has to offer.
  3. Once I get Xbox Live I will help people. I have a level 79 red knight
  4. No way, dude! His structure is so great I could hardly even tell! Now that you mention it, it looks amazing!
  5. Wait. It has to be by Jouste? Okay... *Theme: Uhh... Castle Crashers? *Render: http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg21 ... key_sm.jpg *Color: Green *Style: I don't know... Just put some ivy in it or something. Special effects: Ivy and leaves Comments: Please make it good?
  6. Where do you get these weapons? Every where I go everyone has them, but no one tells how to get them (Other than trading.) Can someone help?
  7. i got a GBA emulator on my wii and now i'm having a great time with AH but AH HD is better Oh yeah, I forgot that I could find an AH rom and put it on my WII.... Is this a safe place to be talking about this?
  8. Yeah, I hear a lot of people (Well, some.) talking about beating it. I don't really see the point though, if you don't get anything. Edit: Well, I guess I'm going to get one of my characters level 99 and find out....