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  1. Love me some west. Try to visit a lil town called Issaquah if you want to escape the city life. Isaac Broc grew up there!
  2. yesssir is inactive member like a thing? I haven't heard from babbity in yearsss
  3. On The Road: Jack Kerouac (original scroll manuscript) Never has the poetry fell free from my mouth and the western virgin expansion seemed so ready for the riped picking of my travels. Great read
  4. I would post one, but I get upset every time I see it. Pm me plox I must haev jif now i gotsta know what it is
  5. this thread =
  6. -cruise stops free room service at 12:00 -me and bro order soup at 11:58 -don't tip hahaha
  7. take that back andrew w.k. is my hero also "children shows stopped being good once i grew up" #whoaaa
  8. thread like this make me swang my diii-swa-swa-swanging mah dik
  9. alice glass shes not a character but whatever i hate you also these signature sizes suck im not changing mine for some 150 high bs
  10. I lol'd about the PC nonsense goingz on in this thread. if you were anymore left you'd be god damn backwards unrelatedly i'm afraid of becoming a lazy incompetent shut in i gotta make it brah
  11. Is that Karl from Workaholics? Because I think thats Karl.
  12. I would, but apparently mechazeep can't receive private messages. por que
  13. that has to be the most ignorant and biased thing I hear people babble on about. To state that the interity of a genre spanning several decades of music, that went trhough many a cultural change as well as sonically, and dismissing it as "fake music" is the same close minded suburban racism/classism as "their goes the neighborhood". Whilst the sound of Hip Hop is constantly changing its face and maintaining social revelance, The Black Keys did what the White Stripes did, (but worse) and revived 60's and 70's Blues Rock. A genre which was started predominantly by the souther black artists in the early 1900's. Only later made popular in the 50's and 60's, when blue eyed blonde hair white guitartist directly stole the riffs, chord progressions and lyrics (See Led Zepplin) without crediting almost any of the original artists. Yet we dismiss Hip Hop as "not real music" because unconventional use of electronically produced beats and distinctive personality, why? Because it lacks guitars, drums, bass as well as a scale wankery solo? Or is it because you just don't like rap music? these are examples of alternative hip hop, underground, mainstream, classic and experimental. All of these are objectively more diverse, unique, and technical then "little black submarine". Check yourself before your drek yourself #shotsfired #rekt #buttdevistated P.S. Black Keys sucked after rubber factory
  14. That people actually know about? "Know any good artists? *Names them* I meant ones I know about" real productive also Venitian Snares > > > > Aphex Twin > > > Zomby >>> Kraftwerk >>> J Dilla >>> Boarders of Canada >>> Washed Out >>> Massive Attack >>> that dump I took last night >>>Daft Punk >>> Skrillex >>> Deadmau5
  15. socialist scum i bet he was born in god damn banjo kazooie
  16. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" "When the red rivers a flowing, take the dirt road home" - Kitty Gennivicies "Just the tip" - MechaZeep