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  1. GMO

    Castlewiki IN PROGRESS!!

    Does anyone have any information on possible debug items left in the game?
  2. GMO

    Ps3 Help On Insane Mode.

    If your looking for any coop buddies you can add me GMO_X, currently I am running insane with a couple of level 70 characters, still trying to unlock characters (Industrial castle and Ice castle)
  3. GMO

    Serious Castle Crashers Psn

    I am currenyly going through Insane mode for the first time and I can try my best to help you out. Add GMO_X
  4. GMO

    Find people to play CC with here!

    PSN : GMO_X Mic: Yes - Currently my Highest Character is a 78 Orange Knight - Currently trying to complete Insane Mode - I am a team player (I revive people and do not rage quit) - I am on central time zone and I usually am on from 6pm-11pm - I am open to all game invites aslong as your on my friend's list