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  1. And I don't understand why it's necessary for you to come in over and over complaining about how people are still discussing the topic. This is still as relevant today as it was when I_Am_An_Idea and I started discussing it.
  2. I still haven't had mine finished. I'm looking into adding an animal orb to each of them. Problem is, I have to wait for the summer to end before I can do anything with it, because I can't risk not being able to swim.
  3. Lol, I never could understand why he absolutely had to have Dan draw a crab for him anyway... Anyway, it may be an old topic, but I think it's a good one.
  4. Hominid is already DLC. Download Alien Hominid and you get him. There is no valid reason for TB to ever make Hominid part of any DLC pack.
  5. Hey dan, When you submitted the picture to go with this quote, i really liked the top right one. where the knight is looking down with a sword equiped. I will get a tattoo of that one, if ya put some detail in it and make it the black knight, possibly with some weapon effects (like a magic aura). I would like it to be about 2 inches big so i can get it on my arm or leg. Ill post pictures, to prove i got it, when i do thanks alot man. This is my tribute to platformers. No offense but I believe he's said that he's done taking requests and such. Also, although I could be wrong, it sounds like you're describing the blue knight in the tattoo my wife and I got...
  6. There was a site that was entirely focused on previewing every theme and gamer pic on the marketplace, but unfortunately it closed about a year ago. To this day I haven't found anything like it again, and it's a real shame. I think it's pretty stupid that there isn't a way to preview themes and pics before you buy them, considering they have demos of the games on XBLA. It's just bad marketing. Realistically, unless you're just a fanatic about a game, why on earth would you buy something without having any clue what it is? After seeing the image here, I now intend to buy the CC theme within the next couple minutes.
  7. Hang on to that mom of yours man, you found a good one...
  8. Alright here are the latest pics. The last four pictures in the album were taken a few minutes ago. http://picasaweb.google.com/hellvector/Tattoo#5262261424709508834
  9. Holy crap man that is incredible. My compliments to your wife. I thought my wife was pretty hardcore for getting a CC tattoo, but wow!
  10. I'm glad you like it, I'm looking forward to getting it finished! I'm also thinking about having one done of AH and Fat Kid. I really don't know how to tell you how much I appreciate it man, thanks so much!
  11. lol, wouldn't it be better to make things that would sell? Silver Snail your sig is too long it's sliding off the forum. I don't see anything wrong with it...
  12. Very good post. I really hope some people will take this information to heart.
  13. Right click on the desktop, select Personalize. Then go to Window Color and Appearance. It doesn't make any really drastic changes, but you can make it look a little different.