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  1. You wont win a game on me if you don't use a weapon nor any top player, weapons are all very beneficial and are key to winning. Weapons are the key to winning? that's not true at all
  2. That can be me I need hats :]...I had heard of this though didn't believe much of it but thats cool 10 gems per match if it doesn't freeze! i'm not just gonna randomly tell people give me the hats and i'll give you a kiss!
  3. Its sad that you can't play your XBLA games on "Xbox 1" very sad
  4. well you could play on levels that have blocks blocking the side of the net but then you'll get people camping on the net with fans and grenades. I wish that the dev would leave this alone but thats not gonna happen and when they do patch it i hope they do something about people who stand on the net how about making the net untouchable. Another thing that needs to be patched is the push infinite. This needs to patched for muckle games.
  5. Sidebasketing is a glitch? i always felt like this was suppose to be there and i think this glitch should be left alone for Three reasons. 1. 2v1 situations 2. having a teamate who well.... just doesn't know what they are doing and don't give me no support. 3. people who stand on the net and either endlessly throw Grenades or blowing me away with the fan.