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  1. Is this a joke? Instead of being a jackass and going around posting the same thing on these "same topics", you could actually make a decent post.
  2. Yeah. I had a way better post than this but I accidentally hit "Cancel" instead of "Submit". So I'll condense this. A had a level 54 Red Knight, and a level 35 Alien. I also had a level 12 Barbarian but I don't really care about him. I had all of the Animal Orbs, 75% of the weapons and I had finished almost all of the arenas (except for the Eskimo Arena). Recently my Xbox RROD'd. (Typical of Micro$oft to release an unfinished, crappy product, huh?) So I got a new one (my 3rd one). For some reason I lost all of my data, and I thought it was odd because data saves on Gamertag, not Hard Drive. And when I mean "all of my data," I mean ALL OF IT. My unlocked characters, Animal Orbs, weapons, and my mission data. "No worries," I think. It was only two weeks of my life, right? I'll just do it again. I couldn't be more wrong. So, I tried to start a new save. I went Blue Knight, because I liked the Jump combo. I got to level 16 and I went to bed. The next time I went on... Nope. All four standard Knights, at level 1. About a week later, I decide to give it a try. Green Knight. I got to level 21, went to bed, rinsed, washed... Level 1! Yaaay. So... seriously. Fix this, please. Two months ago you released a blog post saying "Title Update coming!" That was September. It's halfway through November, four and a half months since Behemoth released this game. I like this game. I honestly do, it's better than some of the retail games that cost $50 and $60 bucks. So why don't you actually listen to your loyal fanbase? Well, I don't know about loyal anymore. So many of us have lost our hard-earned data, I honestly feel like I never spent my money for a repeating cycle of boredom and frustration. Well, I don't think I condensed this at all, actually.