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  1. I'm not on the Nintendo hype train at all anymore. Honestly they just don't put out stuff that grabs my attention anymore and the Wii U was really not worth it. I do love my 3DS however and this looks like its kind of the Wii U 2, where its a tablet with a giant HDMI plug in. They hinted at a few cool games but they're gonna have to prove its worth to me this time. Also on the partnerships, didn't the Wii U have a bunch of partners back when it was announced? Look where that got us.
  2. Yeah since when did we give him permission to post in the RPF? Who do you think you are noob earn your rights like the rest of us.
  3. I can't believe people actually hate the board game aspect of Mario Party, it's the best part! You gotta realise Mario Party is still a board game in essence, a lot of the game just has to do with pure luck. The mini games are tons of fun, competing is super fun, I absolutely love Mario Party! It's not a game you can take too seriously, and nobody likes a sore loser so just have fun with what you have. Also personally I've just got the Rare Collection on Xbone and let me tell you that Conker is no wheres near as good as I first heard. Suprisingly awful gameplay (the story and characters are sitll pretty amazing and worth it though).
  4. Although I'd imagine I taste as good as I look, I don't think transforming my head into a burger and eating my old head would result in a good sandwich please be serious here.
  5. Doesn't look like we have much luck bois :ccc Though I will polish my Hwa until he wooooes me some fine ladies
  6. The legacy continues! I have been spoopy ghosted by my girlfriend nows I have none. Help me find cute new girl hemoth! How do I meet peopel to charm them with my aamzing superb natural looks?
  7. Yo I'm serious about this I don't want a nasty sandwich and basic PB&J has gotten too lame for my royal tounge. What should I make instead? I'm no sandwich craftsman I'll admit, my ability to make a rocking one isn't all that superb. Calling help of all sandwich artists out there to help.
  8. Robo Cat engage. Flying in from who knows where
  9. I'm more interested in everyones experience bars now. Like why are some people 4 blue and no gold. Whats going onnnnnnn
  10. Vote for me or Behemoth RPG 3 will never be a thing. But if you vote for me you can be a main character and thats prettty rad
  11. Vote for me or I'll use my spicy looks to marry into your family.
  12. Scaler193


    I've always been a man of perfection. Been good at video games ever since I was a wee lil kid rocking my Quackshot on the ol Sega. Hell use to be so good at Mario Kart 64 I actually didn't know the difference between 50cc and 150cc because it was all so easy (not even kidding I don't know how I was honestly that good as a kid, got worse with age rip). I had plenty of great memories gaming as a kid, but I think my favorites are when I met my now good friend Mike through Xbox. We played evvvvverrrything together, but my fondest and favorite memories are of Halo Reach. I have to say I was one of the best Halo Reach players back in my prime. I played that game a rediculous amount. Honestly when I played with my real life friend who also had the same crazy Halo Reach addiction, it was never a matter of losing a game, because that just never happened. It was a matter of one upping each other. Near the end of my prime I decided to use nothing but the pistol to try and make that my top weapon, and almost succeded if bunts weren't so omnipotent. Besides how crazy good I was, I had so much fun when I would play with my online friend Mike in particular. Anyone who's played games with me before should probobly know if I aren't playing earnestly, I'm going to be playing a real scummy game, and have I ever scummed Mike through the years. We use to yell at each other as we'd set up a perfect flank, but then run in front of another for the best snipe spot. If he got in a tank I'd run in front of the barel so he couldn't shoot if he didn't want to team kill me and destroy it. Hell I don't even know how many yoinks I've gotten off the poor soul. TLDR: My fondest video game memories are scumming my friends through the years, especially in Halo Reach.
  13. I wonder the same thing. I think we might have stockholms or something.
  14. Respect your elders. I've been making horrible posts on these forums for almost a decade now where is my acomplishment trophy?
  15. Because now nobody will ever find out that I actually don't like anyone here