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  1. Here's what he sent afterwards!
  2. This is my friends reaction to when I asked him if he wanted to be in the BBT beta: It's safe to say he was excited. Anyone else invited their friends to it yet?
  3. adman

    Ninjers turn into logs?

    The only thing i can think of is its the subsitution Justu from Naruto. A really basic move for them, also quite commonly associated with ninjas
  4. adman

    Any more DLC?

    I guess thats all we're gonna get from Castle Crashers in terms of extra content etc. They've released all the announced DLC, and there working on Game #3 now, so we probably won't get any more DLC Any thoughts?
  5. adman

    The Official Necromancer DLC Thread of Something Cool.

    Well i have it and im english so :/
  6. adman

    The Official Necromancer DLC Thread of Something Cool.

    Spearz im in England and just got it Should be up by now
  7. adman

    The Official Necromancer DLC Thread of Something Cool.

    How comes i cant see it yet?! >:C
  8. adman

    Necromancer Achievements?

    I meant Castle Crashers, "The Maw" already has 250 :3
  9. adman

    Necromancer Achievements?

    And The Maw aswell i'm still praying for some on this game
  10. adman

    Necromancer Achievements?

    Smallarms has 250 and so does Ticket to Ride.
  11. Does anybody have any info on maybe an achievement extension along with the new DLC?
  12. adman

    My Castle crashering the beard tribute

    i have that on the newgrounds calender sitting right next to me >:C its made by poxpower! stop the plegerism.
  13. Idk, a red plumber sounds like a better idea. Green one?
  14. adman

    The Behemoth Brawl

    Well then you should know that the thing for stamper is called a "Penicorn"