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  1. what do you have to do to get to the squid glitch?
  2. sillvias13


    welcome!!! i would very much enjoy playing CC online with ppl heres my GT add me GT: sillvias13
  3. hey i need the kings scepter thats all i need if you have anything else you want to give me let me know GT : sillvias13
  4. the cc online isnt qorking!!!!!!!!!!
  5. sorry if this has been posted but if anyone has any of those weapons like the kings septure i would be extremely thankful if i could trade for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much guys/girls!!!!!
  6. hey everyone im new on this just looking for ppl to to add me to play some CC for exp add me :: sillvias13
  7. so im really new to this and so yeah anyone want to play some CC send me a friend request we'll CC it up GT: sillvias13 add me