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  1. Admin or SuperMod is fine for me. I have all the weapons. GT: Large Leo POT OF GOLD FTW!
  2. I used to cheat my way up with a boomerang, now I just drink 200 gallons of mountain due and don't do my homework/sleep.
  3. Devil


    It might just be that you skipped a couple levels by switching to co-op. Go back and make sure you do them all.
  4. GREAT FIND! I'm definitely going to make a lvl 99 necromancer!
  5. I would help you, But one of your other posts claims that you beat the game and didn't get a reward for it. So, I'm guessing he doesn't need any help anymore. If you still should need help PM me on here.
  6. Devil


    I'm from Germany but live in Canada, I can help you out for a bit.
  7. Here in Canada my face is frozen blue just like the blue knight's, perhaps I'll get one and something else to cover my face so I don't look like a popsicle.
  8. Find the tracks on YouTube, then download /convert them using
  9. It's optional y'know... You don't have to go online. Besides they're patching the data loss problem.
  10. Alright all of you Castle Crashin' Barbarian Bashin' players! I know that a lot of players in the community are interested in playing Castle Crashers clan style! So I have created a post where I have had some ideas/rules on how we can make a Castle Crashers Clan Community work. The Required Setup Before each game, there will be 60 Seconds allowed at the Weapons Frog & Animal Shelter. Once the 60 Seconds is up, everyone goes to the level "Tall Grass Field". Everyone tries to dig up the lobster in the beginning and the first person to equip the lobster, is the person that decides the game-type. Bellow are some game-types that you guys can test. Please give feedback on how the games went and if you had fun. Game-Type: Strength or Length Objective: Be the last man standing. Rules: Bows & Melee only, no magic. Game-Type: Scepters of our Fathers Objective: Be the last man standing. Rules: King's Scepter weapon only. Game-Type: Big Money Bags Objective: After the Barbarian Boss Fight, whoever grabs the most money wins. Rules: Each player must start off with No Money. Game-Type: Dinner Dash Objective: Be the last man standing. Rules: Edible weapons only. I have also created "Top-10-Rankings" which will contain the best players. The way this will be determined is currently by me until admins are recruited. I would watch over a game while shielding in a corner and then write-down whoever does best. In the Top 10's you can only play 1v1 games and no team games. Bellow are the current rankings. #1 - None #2 - None #3 - None #4 - None #5 - None #6 - None #7 - None #8 - None #9 - None #10 - None These rankings could be your team, hurry up, team up, and play! Sign up now! Simply Add "Castle Clan" to your friends list. Write your clan info in your Bio, so when other members of "Castle Clan" Visit the friend's list, all of the members will show up! This is similar to the Behemoth CC and Behemoth CCIC communities. Please post Suggestions, Feedback, and Game-Type ideas. Thanks! [ UPDATE ] If you help me get the multi-player up and running and get a fair gametype you will get credit in whatever we finally establish.
  11. Also, post this kind of stuff in the "Off-Topic" section of the forums.
  12. Will he EVER be able to use any other weapons? I mean I know that they're fixing the problem with the fact that you can get the pitchfork but then you can't re-equip his gun, but will he ever be able to wield another weapon? Love the King's Scepter like I do? - Devil