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  1. Cannot wait to start all over again on switch! Woop Woop. Now all I need is real friends to play with!
  2. Dantheman

    Music discs

    Anyone know how many of the music disc are currently in the game. I have managed to find one purple one but that's it?
  3. The game is awesome but like some of the posts above some explanation on leveling would be beneficial. Also press B to poop is fastly becoming a saying around my household. Also I require more cosmetics
  4. Thanks man that should do gonna get him in red. So it should look awesome!
  5. Wondering if anyone can help me here. Im looking to get the triangle guy with the headphones from BBT as a tattoo but cant find any good pictures to send to my tattooist anyone help me out?
  6. I would love it if they ported all 3 games to the xbone. Been thinking about digging out my 360 just to play cc and bbt again
  7. Dantheman

    Tatoo Art

    Decided I needed a new tatoo and picked the blacksmith what you guys think?
  8. Does anyone know what the small chart with different coloured circles on it in your prisoner cell mean. Had a look throught the formun to see if I could find anything but no such luck. Its the one directly under your priosner unlock chart
  9. Im at the start of chapter 7 all A++ so far but im getting to the point where I wanna launch my controller through my tv. Missile bots do my head in with the death packing homing missiles. Grrrrrrrrrr
  10. Missile bots are just plain evil
  11. The wooden spoon can be collected in the Cyclops battle under a set of bones
  12. Age of mythology had a standout soundtrack however there are hundreds go great game soundtracks far to much to list here
  13. Will the rest of the weapons be getting put back into the game along with hatty?
  14. I would like to try an insane run also halfway through with green knight gt world animated