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  1. Ok im not here to whine about the data loss but why do people start to get angry about it its just been 3 months these things take time to make movies dont take a week to make they take years so for gods sake stop whinin and play some castle crasher the game is still good and if you ndont want to play any other game but dont get angry about a situation thats alredy being fixed ...
  2. yes but its not beekeeper its a bee like the ones in flowery field
  3. It would be cool if there was a bee knight in DLC wielding a stick with a bee hive on top-Magic-Summons swarm of bees (Rt-y) Trow a stinger-(Rt- Pink castle crasher-Has lollipop -magic Summons rainbow and launches lolipop Behemoth knight-Has a big chiken finger and magic--Trows egg rt-b launches wave of feathers rt-y just an idea..................
  4. The painter appears when you are going in a level witch i dont remember the name he appears with ice lord necromancer and wizard but you do have a point he is just a random boss (but i think he wanted the princess since she was a clown weird like him)
  5. So i went to the marsh level playing with the fire demon and i was where the trolls and snakeys pop up so i fight them trow a troll in the air to do a mid air combo on him and he stays floating in the air i hit him in the air but nothing happened...............................and i was so motivated to get teh ninja
  6. LOL failed attempt at increasing text size
  7. or you could get the ninja and put words on the bottom that say (insert name here) is a ninja
  8. you should get the 4 knights looking into the air but in a cool way