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  1. i think they could make like 1 new campaign chapter, a new headshape (with different heads), a new gamemode and like 3 new weapons spread over like 4 dlc's
  2. Spiro looks really good, he should be in the game , I also liked the snowman a lot
  3. Playing insane solo is way easier, i've beaten the campaing solo on insane and tried a bit on co-op but in co-op you have twice the chance that somerhing stupid is gonna kill you or your teammate Ps gold trophie looks sick
  4. onestly i think the behemoth wants to bring out a new furbottoms feature, but maybe they just haven't found a user-made playlist wich is good enough. i say we all try and make the best playlist ever. you can think like: i don't like making maps, i want to play them, but if everyone thinks like that, the behemoth wont find good enough playlists, i'm working on one myself
  5. SPOILER the narrator after the song says: btw, all prisoners who try to escape will br executed xD
  6. Do you have to get the star heads in order to get the freedom hero achievement?
  7. Yes sorry april 3rd, i got a little too exited, but thanks for the answer
  8. Will I be able to play co-op campaign with my friend who is on an other xbox ( can i invite him for co-op campaign) Thanks, ps: can't wait for 3 march