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  1. I think you can do much better. It is great your trying cause if you keep trying you will become better and better. At first my drawing sucked but 1 year later (now) I'm stunned about how well i can draw stuff.
  2. Only one thing! Male fatkid in a skirt
  3. I maed (made) this with GIMP. I just got started with it and i love manupilating pictures and creating stuff with it! Tell me what you think! Since the image is to large i'm going to have to place a link here: And a image i made for a COD clan from a friend of me
  4. $@$#@ i didnt save awesome vid
  5. What is your problem? Just because we like a game that you don't like that does not mean you can treat us like that. Yes we like this very much, and it is even one of my favorite games. same. I play it almost every day. Yes your right I was being a #$#$$
  6. It's not locked yet but Welcome to the Behemoth forums and nice sig
  7. Dude your work is awesome! i know it's to late but the king and necromancer on deers would be awesome...
  8. now you made him sad that's not nice!!! they are cool tho
  9. Aww i love this game.. to bad the Wii sucks i want to sell it but now i'm not sure.... i wish brawl came to the xbox360
  10. What?......... Dude there is no Karaoke game
  11. I have no idea you should contact the xbox service that's all i can say.
  12. Dogchief NL

    Sig Ideas

    dude the simpleness is awesome how did you make it?