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  1. The TU is out. The problems are fixed. Now everybody can chillax.
  2. I think everybody needs to relax, take a deep breath and chill out. It's just a game. There is no "worsening situation". It's. A. Game.
  3. Anybody watched that program on the BBC called Grumpy Old Men?
  4. Did you honestly just compare killing somebody to a small indie company not yet releasing a content update? What a amazingly flawed retort. Yet more evidence to prove you are simply crying for the sake of it, refusing to step down because you don't want to admit you're wrong. As for them "hiding behind the failure of others", if you read his post properly (which you didn't), you'd notice Dan was merely making a comparison. He was not going "LOOK, EPIC MADE A BOOBOO, SO DID WE OMG WE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT YAAAAAAAY". He's simply stating that even the big time companies that pour millions of pounds into one project can slip up, too. Too much for you? In all honesty, i think you should turn off your computer and just relax for a while. People are pissed that the game still isn't patched, yeah, but they're not losing sleep over it. Do you really think they revel off holding back this patch? Do you think that they're laughing it up, realising a game they spent so long developing has a hefty spanner in the system? Have you actually considered what Tom, Dan and the other handful of developers are trying or have tried to do to get this out to us as soon as possible? You are being incredibly selfish. They're not robots like EA or other big time companies. Demanding YOUR rights and YOUR refund and YOUR content update. This is THEIR game and they are doing THEIR best to fix it. You've made it clear you don't like TB anymore, so why don't you just leave? This is a place for the fans, not for the haters.
  5. Yeah, if only the game industry was that simple. Make a game, put it out, every developer is on the same playing field, right? But alas.. XBLA is a different division than retail market products. There are very different rulesets for each. They are tended to by different groups of people. There is an XBLA team and a retail market team. This is where the external differences you're noticing come into play. So, a big company and a small company both had online issues with their games. What does that tell you? That Americans shouldn't code games? Jokes. On a serious note, i'm still waiting patiently for this killer update. I've barely played the game and am wanting more online goodness D:
  6. Uhm.. no. The title of the topic itself is non-information. There's no news in it, if you've been lurking the forums or reading the comments on the dev blog you know everything about it already. They were "wrapping it up" or "in the final stages" when wonder was supposed to be achieved. So no, nothing new here, move along... And yes, SOON WONDER WILL BE ACHIEVED Gosh. People complain about the lack of update information, they get it and they complain it's not enough. You kids will never be pleased!
  7. I have a 19 inch HD tv. God knows what these games look like on anything bigger! D:
  8. Everybody who hasn't should go read the new post up on the official site! Good news all round!
  9. Oh really? I love how the "defenders" of Castle Crasher's quality can speak on behalf of all user experiences. For instance, I can't play 2 player online (me and a friend), without a constant "stutter" every 3 seconds. A few levels in, and the game boots us out - every single time. I didn't purchase the game to play solo. And if I can't play 2 players, you can sure as hell bet I can't play 4. I'm glad I didn't spend enough time in this game after having to deal with the online lag to find out that my save game could just get wiped out. That woulduv been a real hoot... Defective. Product. Period. Christ, I wish I could return my Gears of War 2 as well, since the multiplayer matchmaking system is basically broken. But sadly, the "No Returns" policy the industry hides behind strikes again. At least with Epic, they provide an FAQ of their known issues and a tentative patch release schedule... Que sera sera. Erm, they released a TU that addresses the matchmaking issues. It takes me only a few seconds to find a game now. We know the games buggy. Big deal. You saw it said no refunds when you made the purchase. You lose. Now either enjoy the offline portions or just..go away and play something you think "works". It's really not fair to continue to puppy about the same thing over and over again! There are lots of games on the xbox 360 (or other consoles you have) that "deserve" your attention [: Besides, before i buy a game i generally wait until i see the reviews. I knew gears 2 had matchmaking issues, but i bought it because co-op works just fine. The fault has been widely mentioned in reviews, forums and the like. Why didn't you wait and check up on it before making the non refundable purchase? Surely if you were aware that money cannot be returned, you'd be more careful?
  10. This is one thing you Americans didn't get first. The update was released worldwide, to all countries, at exactly the same time.
  11. Not all of it goes to them. Royalties go to microsoft for hosting the game and allowing others to play it. Money goes back to the company so they can actually break even on production. Only then do they see any of the cash!
  12. Christ almighty, some people will complain about anything Have fun playing your other games [:
  13. No, but then you wouldn't be silly enough to just purchase such an expensive investment without at least driving it beforehand, would you? Don't even try to compare a video game to a car or anything else. The game hardly broke the bank to buy!
  14. It's a shame microsoft have to approve it first, otherwise we'd have it a lot faster! Knowing them, castle crashers is just another game on the "to do" pile