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  1. That was going to be my next guy actually. The material, Sculpy 3, is similar to modelling clay, but a bit softer so it can be a bit easier to use. Sculpey, isn't that the one almost like Fimo that you can bake in the oven to harden it? Or does it contain an activator that makes it harden in air? I've made a lot of models out of Fimo, look for my thread somewhere on page 2-3. I haven't given it up just yet Dev
  2. Do you mind describing what you do, perhaps show some step by step pictures? I assume you're modifying a real lego man? Dev
  3. Devaliant

    Bear figure

    Looking forward to see it, don't forget now! Dev
  4. Phew, since Blob is a slowpoke I had time to post the awesome Blobmuffs! that will keep small ears warm and angry dogs at a distance. They come fitted with pulse laser beams to fend off cuddly old ladies and disease ridden pidgeons. Voice activation, integrated intelligent targeting system. Extra fluffyness is available for a small fee. [attachment=0]Blobmuffs.JPG[/attachment] (Somehow I think I'll have my own category this time around too...) Dev
  5. It seems he's up against some evil boss, sitting at a table "interrogating-style". The boss' head is visible in the lower left corner, their difference is easily spotted as the sad nice guy is square-headed and the evil boss has a round head. But if he's with the bad guys, it's strange how the cash register is facing him, as he is the clerc or something. Dev
  6. I don't think I've actually commented in this thread yet, which is a shame. Been viewing it several times, and I'll have to join the choir and appraise very well done artwork, and also the thorough way it's done, with so many distinct pictures. It's great to have a genre to make artwork from, it's not copy in any way but a subjective way of displaying it. And a tribute to it's originator of course. best regards, Dev