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  1. I own about 70 XBLA games... Some of my favorites are; -Castle Crashers -Dungeon Defenders -Spelunky -Supermeat Boy -Fez -Orcs Must Die -Guardians of Middle Earth -Awesomenauts -Minecraft -Puzzle Quest Sorry for the lack of description but a trial is available for every single one of them You really can't go wrong with any of the top games on XBLA!
  2. Charles has always been my favorite old school player! He was AMAZING!
  3. Back in the day... My original xbox live gamertag was Bullseye76. I played a very underground game called Phantom Dust, which is and will always be my absolute favorite game. I was actually #1 in the world at it for quite some time. I won many tournaments etc. Bullseye because he is my favorite Marvel villain and 76 because it is my birth year. Fast forward to Xbox 360... I tried to get my old gamertag but couldn't because I lost the credit card that was used to create the account and Microsoft had awful tech support. I had to choose a new one... I love Batman, I am somewhat obsessed. My middle name is Wayne, so WayneTech just kind of came to me as a no brainer... Obviously it was taken so I decided to add the B76 as a tribute to my old gamertag and all its former glory
  4. All time? 1. Phantom Dust 2. Fallout 1 3. Rise Of Nations Now? 1.Guardians of Middle Earth 2.Minecraft 3.Far Cry 3
  5. True I have found iOS to be very lacking in the game department. However Star Command looks to change that. There are a few rare gems; Game Dev Story, Infinity Blade, King of Dragons Pass. Everything else is fluff, filler or a variation of some other game out there. The last few years have been very kind to Arcade/Indie games... I am excited to see this years line up! BBT and SoD especially!
  6. With these three releases and the delay of so many big games... GTA V, Splinter Cell: Blacklist... This could be the year my XBLA and my iOS get more play than the big AAA titles!
  7. I think he may have been over excited about his acceptance into the beta... There is really no reason to post that song except it is an amazing song LOL...
  8. Super excited for BETA!

  9. Hands down the best song from my childhood! Transformers FTW!
  10. This is going to be amazing! Does anyone know if there is a community share option?
  11. XBL GT - Waynetech B76 PSN ID - WWC33 Right now I am playing Guardians of Middle Earth(XBLA), Twisted Metal(PS3), and Borderlands 2(360) Soon to be playing BBT(XBLA)!
  12. Serioulsy the geatest cutscene ever! I hope they are all this in depth and hilarious!
  13. Got approved! So excited! This game looks amazing, the video intro and cutscene alone are some of the best I have seen! I have extremely high hopes for this game, but knowing the team I am sure it will be even better than I hoped for!
  14. LOL I figure posting is the only way to check it