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  1. Lexou

    You're banned!

    Banned for being on this forum since god-remembers-when.
  2. Lexou

    The Fail Game

    Fails cuz they're harsh going down. Spriting.
  3. -What's it like to dead for 200 years ? -It's like a weekend in beverly hills. -Woody allen, Sleeper.
  4. Lexou

    3D Castle Crashers

    Yay ! Also, long time no post, man ! Hope you're doing well, and sorry for rushing if I ever did.
  5. Granted but you're already at the summit of that art ! The effect isn't much changing. I wish I had the time to do everything I want, wherever, whenever, however.
  6. Don'tcha love it when the wee forum over you don't aask any questions, lad ?
  7. Lexou

    The Fail Game

    Fails cuz mine takes forever to warm up Megaman
  8. EREVYDOBY NADCE WON ! Do i wanna be an airborne ranger ? Do i wanna live a life of danger ?
  9. Oh, i see the top screen is F'ed up, so GBA games is pretty much the fully functional thing.
  10. Didn't make it search Eclipse (the user that made this) or search AWESOME, it just might work. HEADBANG FTW !!!!
  11. Lexou

    You're banned!

    Banned because your name represents a popular internet meme that i personnally find without interest and no particular signification. BTW, since when is chris a MOD ?!?
  12. Well, here's the dozen !
  13. That's not a question but, OH NOES ! I ARE SPINNING AROUNDZ AT MARIO KART !! Why disable BBcode? Why Disable smilies ? Why not automatically parse URLs ? WHY ? WHY ? WHY I TELL YOU !
  14. Why, dgsyufqgirsdg5fdh63g4n,5b2,12bv1,46v3,1v5ngh, of course. What does BASINGA ! mean ?
  15. Lexou

    You're banned!

    Baned because I COULD EAT AN OCTOROK !!!
  16. Because other people aren't gonna wanna kill themselves. Why does the biolizard stand in yellow goo ?
  17. Kelly, you're 2 cruel...
  18. \\\\||||||||||||||||||||//// \\\\\||||||||||||||||||///// Someone finish it