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  1. Does everyone mature instantaneously once they become a mod?
  2. Looks pretty sweet, but I don't have ODST. How long does the beta last because I could just rent it.
  3. That would be because you are a alpha prototype big daddy model, which are much less powerful and armored
  4. Sounds like a pretty rad idea. I have a bunch of movies if you need somebody else to stream, and I can do it most days
  5. I posted it as an example to show that drawing too fast can make drawings suck dur hur... The dumbass thing still stands... No... the point of you posting that bad drawing was so you could imply that "you need to get better at drawing so you can 'speed draw' like me".
  6. Neither are you. Also in this thread I'm being a critic and not an artist therefore my drawing capabilities have nothing to do with my comment... Dumbass... You posted a bad drawing that you made, but you're not being an artist, so your drawing capabilities have nothing to do with your comment... Cool logic bro.
  7. That isn't the point of layers... And It's not basic, and it isn't for art. You can make your cartoony Dan P inspired smiley faces, but they will look terrible and that is the maximum of what you can do in paint. Also, Flash has a little more than a few more features...
  8. You definitely do need layers when drawing.... Maybe not with the little smiley face pizel cartoons you draw, but when you are making paintings or art that actually looks decent, you need layers.
  9. Everything about it is bad. There are no layers, there aren't brushes, it has this terrible fuzzy compression, resolution;there is none, and overall you could find free software that is a thousand times better.
  10. Why did people vote for halo 3 odst....? Thats coming out in the fall...
  11. Sorry but it doesnt look like Mario Brothers at all...
  12. I'd rather wait a year more than have a game that is just OK. Blizzard takes a heeeeckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk of a long time, yet they always end up with the best games
  13. Doesn't really look like him, the body is shaped differently and he doesnt have eyes or antenna
  14. Looks really awwwesome bro. I can see where people think it looks basic, but I can already tell this is the most advanced and complex out of the 3 behemoth games, with all of the different abilities and modes. It looks extremely fast paced, and more "cooperative" than any of the either games. Don't listen to what the bad children say, the trailer looks awesome.
  15. I'mACup

    I just got flash

    I don't remember torrents costing money And JNA this isn't your thread so don't put your damn drawings in it WTF UDFSFGSYDF U CANT DO THAT STEAL MONEY MICTORSFT DSFHUSYFG HECK U DOIN THE HECK WERE U THINKIN UFDSGFDS HECK
  16. I'mACup

    I just got flash

    What a cool waste of moneys, bro
  17. You were being sarcastic about him seeing the trailer, not him being awesome.
  18. AND a rock opera. a rock opera is just a style of album or parts of a song, much like a concept album
  19. Don't forget "The Lion King", and Queen's "We Will Rock You!". Those plays were excellent. Sorry for the double post, but Denivire how could you forget "Pinball Wizard"? Wat, thats a song by The Who