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  1. Is anyone willing to part with the furbottom head as well. I missed out on it when my tv busted. POS. but I'm good to go now. Thanks team. Oh my GT is Dancinsolo. Thanks again
  2. We will all be playing together real soon
  3. FYI I'm going to dance when I play the beta tomorrow
  4. I'm just glad it'll be this year spring or summer will be perfect. So many great games this year.
  5. We'll see. I remember crashers getting released in summer. Thats when all the AAA arcade games come out. Big marketing push.
  6. I'm sure it will be a summer arcade game. Thats when Microsoft likes their big arcade games to be released. They get a lot of promotion during that time too
  7. Wooooo hoooooo just got my email. So ready for the beta.
  8. I'm getting worries too. Hope I can make it in