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  1. I have a few questions. 1. What is the name of that little guy in the purple with the mustache? You know, the guy who is seen paying off the thieves, then is the boss of the Industrial Castle? He's one of my favorite characters and I've always wanted a name to go with him, so far all I've seen is 'The Industry King' and 'That French Guy'. 2. What is the name of The Wizard? Since he's the final boss and main antagonist, shouldn't he have a name? He's also my favorite character, so I want to know his name as well. 3. Out of curiosity, is the placeholder art still in the game data? If so, what's the feasability of having it shown somehow? 4. Is there really a purple-haired princess? Was Tricky just an imposter or was he really just in drag the whole time and has a girly voice as heard at the Industrial Castle? 5. Is the Wizard ever going to be a playable character?
  2. Well sod. That's no fun. I've already invested so much in this project...that's unfortunate. I was hoping to do a service to the community through this. At least hopefully I can get the remaining music files in high quality. Such a shame, I was excited to see what the fans could put out with proper resources. Ah well. At least I'll still have them for my signature once I get the stuff of the Wizard and Necromancer. That's all I really need anyway. Sorry to be a hassle then, please accept my apologies.
  3. Hello fine fellows. Barring an official asset release, you all very well know that sprites of this game are incredibly hard to come by. Upon inspection you will notice the sprites are not complete sprites, but rather parts of a sprite arranged by the games engine to form the character you see on screen. I have made it my mission to unravel the inner workings of Castle Crashers, and supply you all, the loyal fans of The Behemoth, with purely generated and full-file sprite components. I'm only a few dollars away from obtaining the devices and software I need to make this happen, so stay tuned and voice your support for this work if you want sprites! Keep it alive and hopefully I will be able to either supply you with the packs myself, or we'll convince Dan to make it easy for us and give us the asset packs. Either way, I'm dedicated to getting you all what you want. Wish me luck in my endeavor folks! I'll also be working to supply you with some fine Castle Crashers Music along the way! It's all for the fans, fellows, keep being awesome and I'll continue with my work!
  4. All right, whatever. I'm pretty much over this whole issue. Once I get XSATA I'll be transferring the entire CC file to my hard drive and will begin experimenting with the files. It'd be a whole lot easier if I just had the base swf files or sprites in a flash sense, then I'd be able to manage much better, but seeing how that's not going to happen, I'm taking it upon myself and friends to give you people what you want. My first attempt will of course be the Industrial Prince/ Industrial King/ Frenchy / Whatever, since he has probably the least images. Wish me luck folks. And Dan, if you're reading this, please know that I mean no disrespect. When I made those posts I was in a rather sour mood. If you'd like to help me out in any way I would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me through PM/Email or just post here somewhere, I read these at least three times a week. Anyway, thank you for your hard work already, and know I don't intend to deface Castle Crashers in any way. I just wish to spread the awesomeness of The Behemoth to the fan community!
  5. Another possibility is perhaps a linking technique through an online account form of some type...I personally think it would work better for PC in a SWF style files system though.
  6. I just extracted the music, I bear no real ownership. It's fine with me if you upload it to youtube if you want, as long as Dan says it's okay. Secondly I hope I don't get in trouble for distributing it....
  7. The other option would be a simple-enough port to PC. Personally I'd love it to be flash based for that nostalgia effect. It'd be a gigantic flash file yes, but damn I've got room for it and the money to pay for it, so I want it. I favor either DS or PC release, and flash-based if PC-released. Perhaps a marketing on Steam or some other method. It needs to be a standalone game on a console, not a limited-to-connection game. Also if the Behemoth distributes it themselves as either an exe of swf style game, they'd get more money and would be able to produce updates much easier.
  8. For one thing, not doing it due to piracy threat is an idiotic reason. EVERYTHING can be pirated. There are unsavory people who make a living stealing the hard work of grand developers like The Behemoth. Saying a game will be pirated is like saying food will be eaten. It's going to happen. I don't condone it and don't WANT it to happen, but I DO want this game for PC and DS. Dan, if your reading this, it would be in a profitable interest to port to DS and PC. It's a highly marketable game, it has a huge fanbase, and even if people already have it for XBLA, they're likely going to buy it again. I'd like to have it on my laptop and my DS for play anywhere, any time. One option is just marketing it online in flash format. If you've ever played madness interactive, you could do the same thing. Or market it on steam. Look, just do this to appease your fans, make oodles of cash doing it, and make everyone related to it very very happy. PS. Modding capability is awesome, and would be easier if you released official sprite component packs. So, again, please, sprite component packs?
  9. Even though people just ridicule and don't care about my extraction projects despite the fact I'm doing it for the fan community, I'll give out the results of one of my projects. So here you go, the extracted Alien Hominid Music. This is from the Playstation 2 version. I checked the XBox version and the tunes are the same. If you'd like to thank me for this then perhaps consider assisting me in my work trying to extract sprites and such. Or perhaps join the rally for an official release of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid HD sprite component packs.
  10. As stated before the only hope for these is either an official release from Dan of component packs. I'm working on extracting them, but it's very difficult. I can find the base images but I can't get the palettes for them. Anyone who wishes to help please PM me.
  11. Fan art's good, and this is about getting the means to expand our resources to create more fan art. But what we need right now is some good character images. I want the Wizard and the Necromancer!
  12. I see a lot of people wanting a DS release of it. Maybe PSP, but I don't like PSP as much. I'd much more prefer a DS release. (We should start a petition! Right...) Thinking about it now, the DS has all the vital buttons it would need, has online capability, and has pretty much anything extra with it's two screens and touch screen. There could even be new things on it. I tell ya I'd buy it the second it came out if it was ported to DS! PSP...not so much...I kinda hate PSP.
  13. Remember now, this is about OFFICIAL art, not fan art.
  14. Well, back on the topic of the TOPIC, rather than where the topic belongs... I was wondering if actual art of the Wizard and The Necromancer exists, and if it does, if someone could post it here. I';ve been looking all over for good images of them but I can't find anything. It's hard to even get screenshots of them!
  15. True, DS games can be acquired illegally, but any game can these days. I don't support it, nor do I do it, but I know what is required to do it. In order to actually steal a DS game it requires a bit of physical technical work such as soldering and personally I think it's a waste of time when you can just buy the damn games and play them without ruining your system. Anyway, yeah. I want the DS game most of all since it'd be portable and have online function still. Hopefully it would be more stable than other games. As for the removed stuff from AH GBA, it was still disappointing. My favorite boss in the game (the little grey guy and his ship), was missing. As was the Soviet General and his ship, the whole flying thing in the Soviet level was different, there was no train fight, the FBI giant robot was missing (the one with the 'do not damage head' thing), the big robot on the outside of Area 51, the whole underground worm that eats you if you dig down thing, the big robot INSIDE area 51, the second install-ball boss (with the big head and knife and fork), the little blue aliens that helped you, and the final boss only had one phase. The battle against and on his flying ship was removed, making for a very anticlimactic final battle, though the whole head-popping off and spewing green blood thing was interesting.