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  1. Hello! Also new to the forums. Big fan of Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and looking forward to BBT!
  2. Interesting to hear some good things about Win8 from those who have had some decent hands-on time with it. I'll probably go with it for the next machine I build.
  3. Even though I check the Behemoth site pretty regularly, I actually heard about the closed BBT Beta on IGN first! I still applied through the Behemoth site, not IGN though ^ ^
  4. All the info in my Beta email is correct, but I'm unable to upload a profile pic or even start a topic at this point. Is this something to be worried about?
  5. I am also waiting, but everyone who is talking about this seems to be Memberz now - hopefully the same will happen to me! Just got my beta email today
  6. Street Fighter Metal Gear Solid FF7
  7. I just received mine now, so if you're still waiting I would say it's safe to say there's still hope!