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    Love Alien Hominid(200/200 XBLA), Castle Crasher(180/200), and can't wait for BBT.

    Love everything related to EDC; Knives, Multi-Tools, firearms, First Aid, etc.
  1. Received my email today. The times that are set for these daily tasks fit my schedule perfectly! Good luck to everyone still waiting for an email, I hope you all get selected!
  2. Agreed, in some extreme cases for work I may have to work most of the day, come home eat and sleep, and go right back to work. That's an extreme circumstance but could happen to me at any time, any day. If I get selected I will definitely put forth 110% to provide feedback and play the heck out of it to find whatever problems could arise. Take care -Matt
  3. I have been waiting for another youtube video or announcement in regards to BBT! I certainly was not expecting a Beta announcement. Bravo Behemoth for making sure this game will be the best it can be. I have never seen such quality and care taken in selecting qualified individuals and setting guidelines/tasks for all the testers to complete, instead of just throwing it at em to play. If I don't get selected, I know that Behemoth will select a very fine group of Behemoth Fans to test BBT and it'll be one of the best Arcade titles to come out since Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid HD! Take care -Matt
  4. Easily Alien Hominid 2 HD! I enjoyed AH HD on Live for a very long time(frustrated the first few days with the difficulty). When I started to do really well is when I started to really enjoy the game, artwork, story, boss fights, etc. I played Castle Crashers longer(In terms of hours played) but was left less satsified after Iit was all said and done. Not saying I didn't enjoy it, I absolutely loved it! Alien Hominid was just my kind of game.