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  1. - Two dimensional - Kind of like assassin's creed, only much more crowded, futuristic, faster, less retarded. - Grappling hooks and lasers - Rocket boots/ jetpacks - Clever and dangerous bounty targets - 'Jailships' - Space Pirates - CHASE SCENES - Hilarious advertisements - Bounty rewards to buy bigger better things
  2. Well they have that original pop gun/bomb thing why not lasers and rockets, etc. GET YOUR OWN SHIRTT
  3. A truely awesome game with endless possibilities. -Different guns -Different characters (Possibly make your own) -Stats -Vehicles -Multiple levels that vary in environments (Gravity, friction, etc.) Newgrounds >> Dan Paladin >> Super Soldier If this isn't what they're planning, maybe it should be the fouth game. If it IS what they're planning, do I get a free t-shirt?
  4. I thought it was either a statue or a giant shrine thing.
  5. banned for bringing up something with two ones and a nine in it around election time. What are you trying to do? Jynx us?
  6. banned for having an affiliation with Sushi.
  7. banned for awful use of photoshop.
  8. yeah the peasant holding skinny sword was wearing periwinkle armor but if you squint a little on the volcano level, skeletons have peasant armor
  9. ok? also I'm curious what happens during the Wizard Castle Takeoff scene when using the alien hominid knight
  10. I rarely use it to knock out foes or grab distant items. I can't bring myself to use it to glitch leveling up So I just use it to mow down doors. Was that one of the reasons it was made? Or just another glitch? I know the boomerang is a staple item in side scrolling adventures, so is destructible crates, skeletons, ninjas turning into logs, what have you. But maybe the boomerang should have some greater purpose BOTTOM LINE: Question 1: Is door grinding a glitch? Question 2: What else should boomerang do besides look special?
  11. Um, just curious How many "Cat Gods" have you seen? Thats quite a sight to see, letalone to see multiple times and where can I see them?