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  1. When I first got BattleBlock Theater and started playing it, I set some goals for myself, such as beating Insane mode, and getting a high rank in the leaderboards. What goals did some of you guys make when you were playing the game?
  2. oneBreakbeat

    Ideas For Multiplayer Dlc?

    Cat survival in BattleBlock Theater? I think YES! In my opinion, the cats need more of a role than enemies every so often in the game.
  3. oneBreakbeat

    [Spoilers] Ending Revelation Conspiracy

    Or we're reading WAY to far into this and this ending has just as much logic as the Castle Crashers ending? Gee, I hope not.
  4. oneBreakbeat

    Customizable Outfits?

    That'd be awesome! Like some can be suits and others bowties and what-not.
  5. oneBreakbeat

    Shurvey's Fan Art

    This is awesome! I like the Hatty Like a boss one! Would you mind if I used a drawing as a profile picture or something? But good work bro!
  6. Can't wait for DLCs! I will buy ALL of them!