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  1. I downloaded the game the day it was released, after following the hype for a year. To this date, I have not been able to play a multiplayer session of this game. Period. I eventually just gave up after weeks of trying, and I saw that a patch was on the way. Great. It's still not here. I understand you are a small company, and the game is otherwise great, but frankly I expect something more than simply making the software I purchased work after all of this. I have essentially pre-paid you for the promise of a future-working game. These arguments about how we are getting more characters or weapons or this or that does not sway me. This stuff was coming anyway, and it is not the type of thing I consider making amends for this. I paid full-price for what I consider to be less than half of what I expected it to be. Those of us who purchased this game while in the dark of these crippling bugs after doing our due dilligence deserve something more. If I buy a box of cereal infested with bugs, you better believe General Mills isn't sending me a second copy of the toy in the box. The fact that it went unnoticed on dev machines shows you why others run closed and open betas, and even if it then was still unnoticed, that you didn't know isn't a defense to its existence. I understand you can't just give me my money back in exchange for the digital download, but you have to do something. Give me a 600 point refund, I'll accept it. The single player works, even though I bought the game with multiplayer in mind. If you offer me a 50% price reduction, I'll consider that a fair trade, and will say you have fixed the wrong and will sing your praises for being a forward thinking software company who make great games and fix their mistakes. Hell, give me Alien Hominid for free. Do something, anything, other than giving me some more characters when the patch eventually comes, because if that's it, I'll be pissed. When I told friends and family to get this game so we could play it together, only to find out we couldn't, it made me look like an idiot. When a product doesn't perform, you make right with the customer. You know where to find me.